06/03/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


06/03/14 Top Pick; Count Down

“You’re one UGLY mother****er”. I love Arnold Schwarzenegger! This is definitely one of my favorite Schwarzenegger movies.

starTexture – Wonderful amount of texture. The shapes are simplified, but together create a wonderful amount of details. I really enjoy the black spots around the green face because they create the texture and color of the Predator’s skin.

starColor – The splashes of color create a three-dimensional look. The deep colors recede as the bright green pops out. The stark white highlights in the teeth and crazy hair/dreadlocks contrast nicely.

starFear Factor – The large bright Predator head looks like it has its prey in sight. The ominous red alien characters are counting down your demise.

Thank You InkOne

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06/03/14 Top Pick; Don’t Fall Asleep

Have I mentioned that I really enjoy the Horror genre? Well, if I haven’t before, today’s selections definitely express it!

starTexture – Complex and creepy burnt flesh drip across Freddy. All the disgusting nooks and crannies are well rendered with detail by hatching.

starFear Factor – His large, pedophile eyes seem to look straight at you. His big claw hands are dead center. Don’t sleep on this design…

starLines and Shapes –  Wonderful use of positive and negative space. The thin white lines nicely create the complex positive space filled with excitement and terror!

Thank You Mile Zero Media

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05/29/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/29/14 Top Pick; Game of Pockets

starCreativity – Wonderful way to portray these Game of Thrones characters with their animals.

starExecution – Daenerys, Robb, and Joffrey are easily recognizable while also looking like Pokémon trainers.

Thank You WearViral

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05/29/14 Top Pick; Kitty The Fool

starComical – Interesting mash-up of the big, tough Mr. T as the cute bubbly Hello Kitty. Comical play on words.

starExecution – Nice clean rounded lines and bold block colors that represent the Hello Kitty aesthetic.

Thank You Manospd

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05/29/14 Top Pick; Marshmallow Terror

starComposition – The Stay Puft Marshmallow man towers over the silhouette of the little heroes dominating the design.

starColor scheme – Wonderful bold colors and very nice use of half tones.

starExecution – Effectively looks like a comic book cover. Super interesting, I would enjoy reading this comic. I also really enjoy  the building. It is nicely outlined and created out of the negative space.

starTypography – Type looks great! The various fonts look great together. I really like the lower right curved block of text.

Thank You Manuel.Peters

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05/29/14 Top Pick; Back to the Firehouse

starColor Scheme –  I really enjoy the combination of the warm orange-brown with the cool gray-blue. The colors work together nicely and offer the contrast of both warmth and cool. I also really enjoy the yellow glow of the Ecto Trap.

starTexture – Wonderful stippling texture of the background and foreground ecto glow. The nice deep wrinkles in the jumpsuits are descriptive and also add wonderful texture.

starComposition – I really enjoy the angle in which the scene is set. It keeps the design dynamic and also nicely showcases the Ecto-1 vehicle and the three men.

starExecution – Nicely resembles the Back to the Future poster. All three men are easily recognizable as Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis.

Thank You NinjaInk

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05/29/14 Top Pick; Princess

star Color Scheme – Wonderful shades of gray with a pop of bright red. I really enjoy the washy light gray background giving the design a sense of aerial perspective.

starTexture – I love the white wild wiry lines in the foreground that suggest tall grass. The light gray water-color splash within the moon are amazing.

starContrast – Wonderful play with positive and negative space.

Thank You Karmazero

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05/29/14 Top Pick; Greyjoy’s Hot Dogs

star Comical – While dark and sad, the design has its own comical charm.

starExecution – Design looks similar to the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs design. Simple clean design that almost requires a second look to catch the message.

Thank You RobGo

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05/08/2014 Top 3 Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/08/14 Top 3 Pick; It’s Only Forever

This shirt is only available for 24 hours, not long at all! This mystical, magical design is absolutely dreamy. The whimsical curls and filigree nicely frame the beautifully detailed faces. I love the way that David Bowie’s face and hair lead or transform into the owl’s body. His spiky, fanned out hair resembles the fanciful spread out wings of the owl. Amazing treatment of the main letter forms in the top right. They’re tall and gracefully twist and wind together filling that area with interest equal to the rest of the design. The scroll which contains the subtext also nicely winds and has a nice torn texture. I also really enjoy that the whole design seems to be in antique whites and browns or in light sepia tones, especially on the brown shirt option.

Thank You MedusatheDollmaker!! (please check out this awesome artist’s fb page)

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05/08/14 Top 3 Pick; Frozen in Time

The Frozen shirts keep on coming with this villainous mash-up! This tiny snow queen dancer floats magically in a snow globe, imprisoned by the ingenious Dr. Victor Fries (aka Mr. Freeze). Is he preserving her like his beloved wife Nora, or perhaps trying to harness her frigid powers for his own nefarious purpose? The cool blues and teals look great for both characters. Both are nicely encased using simple thick and thin white lines to show shape and highlight. Something tells me this villain won’t just “let it go” if you know what I mean! Anybody have a Bat signal?

Thank You Gil

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05/08/14 Top 3 Pick; Red Lizard

GOJIRA!! GOJIRA!! This Japanese terror this way comes! Wonderful, strong design with large bold block shapes. I very much enjoy the simple but strong background. The round red circle seems to represent Japan. By keeping some areas smooth and crisp while other areas of the circle are distressed it metaphorically represent the destruction of this giant lizard’s path. Godzilla is nicely rendered out of the negative space and the distress adds nice shape and texture.

Thank You Zerobriant

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05/03/2014 Top 3 Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/03/14 Top 3 Pick: Sounds of the 80s Vol.2

80’s music is awesome, but this collection transforms any event into a blast! Wonderful concept in having these mini-cassettes represent the Autobot Transformers. I enjoy these bold, warm colors and the solid shapes. The lines that make up each cassette are clean, thin, and descriptive. Wonderful choice in having a graph background giving it a mathematic/geometric theme and when adding the gradient gives it a totally 80’s feel!

Thank You Pinteezy

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05/03/14 Top 3 Pick: Wondershot

A rare Chrono Trigger design! Here we have the lovable nerd, Lucca, with her trusty Wondershot! I love simple mono color designs. I feel like by using a single color the lines of the design really stand out. The amount of beautiful details in the figure’s head and gun are lovely. The composition of the gear wheels fits nicely with the figure’s pose and the Chrono Trigger “clock” motif. The large type in a curve and at an angle completes the design creating a cute little united piece.

Thank You Nina Matsumoto

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05/03/14 Top 3 Pick: Nine Companions

This fellowship is united for the sole purpose to destroy The Ring. Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, and Aragorn. On their way to Mordor, each figure is nicely rendered as a silhouette. Wonderful use of negative and positive space. I absolutely enjoy the colors and shapes of all the different layers within the composition. Each layer seems to interlock together nicely and show the vast journey ahead. This shirt is offered in black, brown, or green. All options are nice, since all the options are dark and the gradation of colors maintain their spatial effect.

Thank You Asners

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While you’re surfing the Internet today, please swing by Crystals For Life, a charity marathon gamers are running for a good cause! The Wondershot design is one of the 6 sponsored designs from The Yetee, where $3 from every design goes straight to JDRF! Please check out this awesome cause!

04/18/2014 Top 3 Pick – Daily SHIRT Designs


04/18/2014 Top 3 Pick; Ack Ack Ack

“Even in a time of intergalactic crisis, people still want to roll them bones.” It looks like we have the Martian of Doves card! I can imagine the Martians taking over Vegas and living it up with these uniquely alien playing cards. I love the blues, greens, and reds used in the alien brains and the nice shine on the head-gear. Interesting, undulating lines and decorative frame used as a background.

Thank You Buzatron

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04/18/2014 Top 3 Pick; Coldest Planet in the Galaxy

“And I thought they smelled bad on the outside“. A clever mash-up of the ICEE brand and the ice planet from Star Wars, Hoth. Very nice thick lined illustration of tauntaun keeping warm in a cute sweater. The chilled lettering and nice striped block color background nicely conveys the frosty beverage and destination.

Thank You BeastPop

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04/18/2014 Top 3 Pick; The Curse of the Care Were

Watch out for this Tenderheart Bear, especially when the Care moon is full! Interesting juxtaposition of the bright, happy colors to the muscular and fierce werewolf. Wonderful illustration of this bright pink creature that looks like he just ripped off his clothes.  I enjoy the smiling sun next to the figure’s big long teeth. You can’t help but smile at this shirt!

Thank You Sean Anton Husbands

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04/05/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Designs


04/05/2014 Top 3 Pick; 321-Let’s Jam

The 8-bit adventures of the Bebop and crew would definitely have been a NES classic! I’m sorry Cowboy, but your bounty is in another castle! Wonderful pixelized render of Spike. The type in an upward angle  makes the design dynamic.

Thank You Pacalin

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04/05/2014 Top 3 Pick; Gizbo

What wonderfully nostalgic 80’s mash up! To survive war, Gizmo must become war just like John Rambo. You definitely want Gizbo on your side when the Gremlins take over your office building! This little guy looks cute and ready to fire. The design is simple, clean and has nice bold outlines.

Thank You Zacly

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04/05/2014 Top 3 Pick; La Kill

Ryuko looks ready to fight! Wonderful dark silhouette figure balanced by the big bold red. The design is full of  interesting angles created by Asian characters.

Thank You lighting-bolt

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