07.25.2018 | TOP PICKS Daily Shirt Designs

Design reviews and links below. Stars 19806showing_smallout of 5

Mad Cat 2.0

Love the flow and curve of the cat and letterforms.

Composition – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank you, Martha _isbl!


Concept – a general notion or idea

Render – to represent, depict, as in drawing or painting, the ability or skill to represent an idea using an image

Composition – the act of combining parts or elements to form a whole. The manner of being composed; structure.

Color – overall color palette. The quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by measurement of hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light; saturation or chroma; hue.

Line work – Quality of lines produced, variety or contrast of thickness, clean, or expressive.

Typography – The art or process of expression through type and letter forms.

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04.12.2016 | TOP PICKS Daily Shirt Design

Awesome Tee Shirts available today! Stars out of 5.



04.12.2016 | I Love You To the Moon & Back

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Typography – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Color – 19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, Tim Shumate!


Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.51.13 AM


All are super cute! Click the link to view these 4 great shirts available this week.

04/27/2015 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

It’s a Spirited Away Day! This is definitely my favorite Studio Ghibli movie! I met my husband in High School a long time ago, and this was one of the first movies he introduced my to, so it holds a special place in my heart. 🙂


4/27/15 Top Pick; Wonderlands

TextmateIcon Lines and Forms – Too Cute! I really enjoy this anime style applied to both Wonderlands.

TextmateIcon Color – I really enjoy the overall cream, cute, soft tones.

TextmateIcon Content – Wonderful union of off-the-wall characters.

Thank You Saqman

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4/27/15 Top Pick; Spirited

TextmateIcon Color – I love these blue tones paired with the soft cool cream color.

TextmateIcon Composition – Wonderful play of negative and positive shapes.

Thank You BustedTees

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03/12/14 Top 3 Picks


03/12/14 Top 3 Pick; Potterpuff Kids & Mojomort

Ready to save the day! Evil fighting trio mash-up ready to fly into action in simply, bold,  geometric shapes. The artist was able to effectively  balanced all the characters in the design. The three heroes are in fight formation and the villain’s big white head is nicely balanced with his large dark cloak.

Thank You Italiux

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03/12/14 Top 3 Pick; The Cheshire Express

Dark & whimsical, great use of negative space. The artist effectively used color  and contrast of bright green and purple on the dark background to etch out the winding shape of the curled feline.  Beautiful fine and thick hand sketched line work. The design is a purrfectly balanced ying-yang of dark to color ratio.

Thank You Emilie Boisvert

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03/12/14 Top 3Pick; Time Lord Comics

There are just an overwhelming amount of Doctor Who tees! This Time traveling Humanoid alien looks very much like another classic alien comic book hero.  I do love the retro style. The distressed texture, faded, pale colors, thick comic book outlines, lack of black and nice typography treatment helped me selected it as one as my top 3 pick. Very visually appealing. Simple content with nice details using think and thin lines and a large amount of well set typography.

Thank You CreativeOutpouring

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