12/07/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

Awesome shirts on the weekend!! That almost never happens.


12/7/14 Top Pick; Bad Company

snowflake Lines and forms – The clean vector forms are wonderfully composed together to make a clean bold image.

snowflake Composition – The different components nicely fit together revealing an interesting sequence of events.

Thank You SXStudios

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12/7/14 Top Pick; Sacred Hunt

snowflake Color – Wonderful use of positive and negative spaces. The main light source coming from the center of the design nicely reveals the predator’s glorious portrait. The deep red alien numbers create a wonderful halo glow.

snowflakeExecution – The high level of details and color definitely gives this design a divine glow.

Thank You Matt DeMino

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08/01/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

Finally some noteworthy shirts today! I have been crazy busy, so i’d like to at least share my favorite designs for today.


8/1/14 Top Pick; We Can Kill It!

star Concept

star Lines & Forms

Thank You kgullholmen

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8/1/14 Top Pick; Alien Princess

star Lines & Forms

star Composition

Thank You Captain Ribman

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8/1/14 Top Pick; In Another World

star Composition

star Color

star Lines & Forms

Thank You Medusa Dollmaker

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05/28/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/28/14 Top Pick; Close Encounter

Where’s my pump-action shotgun? “I like to keep it handy… for close encounters”.

starTexture – Wonderful dripping wet effect.

starColor scheme – Awesome dimensionality developed with color. The bright green gives the design an acidic look. While the bright white teeth against the black background almost shine like metal.

starAppeal – The bright colors on the dark background really make this design pop. The large size of the Alien head coming towards you is definitely eye-catching and a little scary.

Thank You InkOne

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05/28/14 Top Pick; Def Loki

“Hypnotized, I’m shakin’ to my knees”

starExecution – Wonderful translation of the original Def Leppard album cover.

starColor Scheme – Great selection of colors. They all harmoniously glow. I really enjoy how the Loki helmet shines brightest in the center giving the design a 3-d effect.

starComplexity – The wonderful dynamic angles keep the eyes moving throughout the design.

Thank You JuanFoo

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