06/03/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


06/03/14 Top Pick; Count Down

“You’re one UGLY mother****er”. I love Arnold Schwarzenegger! This is definitely one of my favorite Schwarzenegger movies.

starTexture – Wonderful amount of texture. The shapes are simplified, but together create a wonderful amount of details. I really enjoy the black spots around the green face because they create the texture and color of the Predator’s skin.

starColor – The splashes of color create a three-dimensional look. The deep colors recede as the bright green pops out. The stark white highlights in the teeth and crazy hair/dreadlocks contrast nicely.

starFear Factor – The large bright Predator head looks like it has its prey in sight. The ominous red alien characters are counting down your demise.

Thank You InkOne

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06/03/14 Top Pick; Don’t Fall Asleep

Have I mentioned that I really enjoy the Horror genre? Well, if I haven’t before, today’s selections definitely express it!

starTexture – Complex and creepy burnt flesh drip across Freddy. All the disgusting nooks and crannies are well rendered with detail by hatching.

starFear Factor – His large, pedophile eyes seem to look straight at you. His big claw hands are dead center. Don’t sleep on this design…

starLines and Shapes –  Wonderful use of positive and negative space. The thin white lines nicely create the complex positive space filled with excitement and terror!

Thank You Mile Zero Media

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04/09/2014 Top 3 Picks; Daily Shirt Designs


04/09/14 Top 3 Pick; Armored Legacy

“He’s no good to me dead”. Thought Boba died in that sarlacc pit? Think again! With any luck, our favorite bounty hunter will make an appearance in episode VII! Wonderful chewed-up texture on the helmet next to the countless sharp teeth. The zillion center pointing teeth also create an inter woven texture and visual excitement. I enjoy the maroon and teal color combination opposed to the traditional hunter green and red.

Thank You Wetbrain

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04/09/14 Top 3 Pick; Shikaka

What do Bruce Wayne and Ace have in common? Their fear of bats! One will transform himself into an instrument of justice, the other will… well, he’ll just transform.  The artist definitely did not mess with the [hair]do! This White Devil is nicely rendered including Jim Carey’s crazy facial gestures. Well expressed great white bat shape. I also enjoy the devil horn shaped letter forms.

Thank You Punksthetic

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04/09/14 Top 3 Pick; Bravonator

Something tells me this guy is a few circuits short of a Terminator… Hey there momma! Hasta la vista! Looks like Johnny Bravo is ready for Halloween. Displaying his square jaw, large upper chest and small lower body, both figures are visually similar. Cool blue hues nicely express the leather jacket against the simple warm red background.

Thank You Ratigan

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