05/01/2015 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

Hey, it’s May 1st. Who’s excited about Age of Ultron?!?! I am definitely watching this movie this weekend. I just have to find a babysitter or sneak out and not tell my husband. ūüôā


5/1/15 Top Pick; Iron Tron

TextmateIcon Color РAwesome glowing red flame and cool blue light effect.

TextmateIcon Content РNice mash-up concept with Tron.

Thank You djkopet

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Another movie I’m excited to watch this summer!

5/1/15 Top Pick; From the Ashes of This World

TextmateIcon¬†Color – BeastPop’s color schemes are aways radical! His designs aways POP.

TextmateIcon Composition РAmazing artist! I love watching his process through Facebook. His compositions are aways very active, exciting, and well-balanced.

Thank You BeastPop

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Loving the season so far, but glad I haven’t read the books. The season sounds like it has been veering significantly away from the books.

5/1/15 Top Pick; The Last Hand Standing

TextmateIcon Composition РInteresting combination of image and type. The type acts almost like part of the image.

TextmateIcon Lines & Forms РGreat simplified render of the Game of Thrones characters. I really enjoy how very little info is given in the background to reveal the characters.

Thank You Laughing Devil

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08/19/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

A bunch of awesome shirts today!!



08/19/2014 Top Pick; Che/Hugger

star Concept РWonderful Alien propaganda.

star¬†Color –¬†Wonderful vibrant, energetic red! The bold red definitely helps make a statement. The stark white face hugger in the center instantly attracts attention.

star Lines and Forms РWonderful render of each element, especially the detailed face hugger.

Thank You BeastPop

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08/19/2014 Top Pick; I Have Nothing

star Lines and Forms РNice solid bold lines.

star Concept РTough guy!

Thank You Olipop

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08/19/2014 Top Pick; RedSun Leon

star Lines and Forms РWonderful sketch-like lines.

star Color РNice Pop of red color.

Thank You Donnie

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08/19/2014 Top Pick; Final Boss

star Composition РThe mushrooms in the bottom nicely balance the spiky turtle shell top.

star Color РNice use of simple contrasting colors.

Thank You AutoSave

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08/19/2014 Top Pick; My Neighbor Tibbers

star Composition РThere are many well composed elements expressed in this design. This gives the viewer plenty to look at.

star Color РI really enjoy this dark earth tone color palette. Both mauve colors nicely give this design a pop of color.

star Lines and Forms РI really enjoy the sketch like stokes in this design.

Thank You Plaguesworth

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08/19/2014 Top Pick; Tribute to Alexey

star Composition РThe buildings are nicely composed together. The foundation of Tetris blocks is a great touch.

star Lines and Forms РAwesome pixel art! There is a great amount of detail on the building using little geometric patterns.

Thank You Jimiyo

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06/29/14 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

So there are some really awesome shirts available today! Sadly, I had a very long day and did not get the opportunity  to review the designs, but I still wanted to at least share! Enjoy!


06/29/14 Top Pick; Going Home

Thank You EdWoody

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06/29/14 Top Pick; Body Language

Thank Yon Jehsee

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06/29/14 Top Pick; It’s Simply Meant to Be

Thank You Tim Shumate

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06/29/14 Top Pick; Bride of Frank

Thank You ccourts86

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06/29/14 Top Pick; The Bride Dollmaking

Thank You Medusa the Dollmaker (always a favorite!)

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06/29/14 Top Pick; The Gillman

Thank You Beast Wreck

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05/16/2014 – 05/18/2014 GODZILLA WEEKEND!


*WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the newly released Godzilla movie. Readers beware!

Okay, let me preface this pseudo-review by letting you know this was the first Godzilla movie I’ve ever seen. Okay, OKAY¬†stop yelling at me! I know! The big lizard just hasn’t been on my radar until this year. The trailer looked good and all the shirt designs lately had me excited to see what this new movie had to offer!

First of all, I can’t talk about the movie without mentioning my favorite human characters, Dr. Ichiro (Ken Watanabe) and Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston). I very much enjoyed the scientist perspective showing the history of what we encountered leading up to the events of the film. The scene in Japan with Walter White err I mean Bryan Cranston was heartbreaking and set the stage for the human motivation of the film. Both of these characters made me care about the story and had me emotionally invested. Let me also give a small shout out to the writer for not portraying the military as the cold, hard-line prick stereotype, especially Admiral Stenz (David Strathairn). As it became increasingly clear humanity was not in control of the monsters, he began to put his faith in Dr. Ichiro’s belief of Godzilla as “Earth’s protector”. It was nice to have a¬†sympathetic and non-butthead¬†guy in charge for a change right?

Okay, so Walter White err I mean Bryan Cranston’s death was very surprising to me. I definitely did not see that coming. It made sense from the perspective of the story they were telling, including the 15 year time jump, but I was still shocked to see arguably the biggest star in the film die so early. At that point, the focus shifts to his son whose name I can’t remember (the guy from Kick Ass). I really like that actor, but¬†his performance¬†felt stiff and awkward at times. So if I have a nitpick, it was this shift in narrative focus. The son’s family was cookie cut right out of¬†every disaster movie you’ve ever seen. The military dad, the wife/girlfriend nurse, and the kid who just wants to see his dad. I would have enjoyed the movie more if the story went on more of a¬†“Walter White err I mean Bryan Cranston help’s save the world and get revenge for his wife arc”.

So how awesome was Godzilla himself!? I totally got caught in the misdirection the film set up. Maybe because I hadn’t seen a Godzilla movie before? I was totally caught off guard when the initial monster reveal was not Godzilla. I am vaguely aware of the Godzilla universe and that there is a monster named¬†Mothra, however. I really enjoyed the easter egg of the¬†Mothra tank in the quarantine zone. Very cool!

The monster designs were one of my favorite aspects of the movie. I can’t count the number of times I jumped when a monster came out of nowhere or made a noise. So intense! I very much enjoyed the build-up to the final stand-off at the end. I especially enjoyed the way Godzilla “powered up” and “atomic blasts” the Muto’s. I think I might have said “holy shit!” out loud when it happened! It was a super cool moment and one I definitely wasn’t expecting as a Godzilla newbie. And that final kill-shot of the female Muto was freaking epic! It was reminiscent of the T-Rex scene from the end of the first¬†Jurassic Park movie. Sent chills down my spine and my fists pumping in the air!!! I can definitely call myself a Godzilla fan now :).

Overall I’d recommend you check out¬†Godzilla¬†even if you’re a newbie like me. While you’re at the movies this weekend, be sure to check out¬†all the AMAZING Godzilla shirt available this week!


“RISING KAIJU”¬† – Thank You Ddjvigo¬†(only available one day)


“Incoming Natural Disaster” – Thank You Brandon Wilhelm


“Kaiju Alpha” – Thank you Pigboom


“Monster Island” – Thank You Austin James


“My Neighbor Gojira”¬†– Thank You BeastPop¬†


“Red Lizard” – Thank You Zerobriant


“San Francisco” – Thank You Baznet


“The Rising Kaiju” – Thank You Ddjvigo


“The Last King” – Thank You Ddjvigo

05/12/2014 Top 3 Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/12/14 Top 3 Pick; No Love

Some of my favorite shirts are ones with subtle video game references. Something a non-gamer might not look at twice. Mario himself is not present and neither are Princess Peach or Bowser, who is only referenced in name. Interesting tattoo style design. The composition is packed with many components which are all nicely balanced. The X-shaped pipes in the background radiate outward while the light-colored wings in the center help unite and brighten the design. The dagger stabs the center and serves as a focal point to lead the eye to the text wrapped around the banner. I very much enjoy having the text incorporated and wrapped around the design instead of having it float elsewhere. Interesting use of a red turtle shell in the center with the dagger instead of the usual heart.

Thank You BeastPop

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05/12/14 Top 3 Pick; Fight Like A Woman

Who said girls can’t be tough? This strong superheroine, portrayed in a¬†lovely rose shade, is ready to put up a good fight. The silhouette ¬†is easily recognizable as Wonder Woman by portraying her arm cuffs, head bead, and long curled locks. ¬†The letter forms in the foreground are large, bold, and extended creating a wide wall of letters which the figure’s arms look ready to break down. I very much enjoy the placement of the pink breast cancer ribbon within the letter forms. It snugly fits on top of the negative areas and is outlined slightly thinner¬†which help prevent it from clashing with the letter.

Thank You Teeminus24

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05/12/14 Top 3 Pick; Genesis

SEGA! This detailed info-graphic of this retro console is nicely laid out. The first generation of the Genesis console is on display and not the later models. Fun fact, the Genesis is known as the Mega Drive in some parts of the world! The thin white lines on a dark background have a CAD like quality. The components are nicely organized and unified. The controllers are placed in a yin-yang format. The adapter and cables both are laid in a tall rectangular shape around the wide rectangular game cartridge. I enjoy the little labels and arrows pointed to various parts adding different layers of information. This shirt makes me want to bust out Sonic & Knuckles, Streets of Rage 2, and all the other 16-bit classics!

Thank You Melee Ninja

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