06/23/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


06/23/14 Top Pick; Guardian of Gotham

“The Hero Gotham Deserves”

star Composition – Wonderful dynamic angles. I really enjoy all the complex geometric planes.

star Color – Nice expression of space using a simple mono blue scale.


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06/23/14 Top Pick; Guardian of Metropolis

The Man of Steel substitutes a man made out of steel.

star Composition – Great use of geometric planes giving the design a deco aesthetic.

star Concept – This design is very similar to the original Metropolis design only the robot is appropriately altered into Superman.


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06/23/14 Top Pick; Spinner of Spells

“The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But… before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she shall prick her finger, on the spindle of a spinning wheel – AND DIE!”

star Composition – I really enjoy the large dragon image behind the beautiful villain. The heavy purple areas nicely balance Maleficent’s figure.

star Lines and Forms – Great use of positive and negative spaces to render various details within the design.

star Color – I really enjoy the bright purple with the small bright green accents.

Thank You Harantula

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06/23/14 Top Pick; Wildling Encounter

star Concept – Interesting mash-up of characters.

star Lines and Forms – I really enjoy the cute little anime style render of both characters. I also really enjoy the negative space that details the trees in the background, also creating a nice field of depth.

Thank You TeeTurtle

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06/23/14 Top Pick; Gamma Rays

star Concept – Interesting design which visually portrays the smaller Bruce figure trapped within the larger Hulk figure.

star Color – I really enjoy the limited amount of color use to portray the infamous Hulk. The negative space figure within needs no introduction.

star Lines and Forms – The long thin refracted hazy lines are a great way of visually showing the rays. They nicely delineate the Incredible Hulk.

Thank You Steven Lefcourt

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06/23/13 Top Pick; Watch the World Burn

star Composition – Wonderful compositions on the front and back of the shirt! The front has a great sense of dimension. Joker seem to pop out of the background. The back of the shirt in beautifully intricate and balanced and nicely relates to the front of the shirt.

star Lines and Forms – Wonderful amount of line work. Delicate and complex, the devil is in the details ;). Joker’s long grin is jaw dropping.

star Typography – If I didn’t follow this awesome artist of Facebook, I wouldn’t have seen her hand drawn sketches. Her letter forms look this good in her sketches!

Thank You Medusa the Dollmaker

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06/18/2104 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


06/18/14 Top Pick; Bete De L’Apocalypse

Great design depicting Hellboy as a prancing demon, labeled with his real name Anung Un Rama (“Upon his brow is set a crown of flames”).

starColor – Nice creamy light yellow paired with the deep crimson red creates a nice contrast.

starConcept – Interesting concept of having Hellboy look like the infamous French Quina Imp Poster.

Thank You Spicy Monocle

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06/18/14 Top Pick; Headlight Glasses

His side slicked hair, light gray suit, and bright red tie make Pee-Wee easily recognizable.

starComposition – Wonderfully balanced frame around main figure. The horrors of the forest seem to surround poor Pee-Wee.

starLines and Forms – Each animal is nicely formed and rendered in an etch like quality. I really enjoy the bear in the top right. His open mouth and glowing eyes look amazing.

Thank You Dave Quiggle

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06/18/14 Top Pick; Dark Fiction

Both seductively appealing and horned, this is a match made in hell.

starConcept – These two super villains would make an awesome evil team! These two would definitely “shepherd the week though the valley of darkness”.

starLines and Forms – Nice, clean simplified render of both characters.

Thank You Zerobriant

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05/29/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/29/14 Top Pick; Game of Pockets

starCreativity – Wonderful way to portray these Game of Thrones characters with their animals.

starExecution – Daenerys, Robb, and Joffrey are easily recognizable while also looking like Pokémon trainers.

Thank You WearViral

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05/29/14 Top Pick; Kitty The Fool

starComical – Interesting mash-up of the big, tough Mr. T as the cute bubbly Hello Kitty. Comical play on words.

starExecution – Nice clean rounded lines and bold block colors that represent the Hello Kitty aesthetic.

Thank You Manospd

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05/29/14 Top Pick; Marshmallow Terror

starComposition – The Stay Puft Marshmallow man towers over the silhouette of the little heroes dominating the design.

starColor scheme – Wonderful bold colors and very nice use of half tones.

starExecution – Effectively looks like a comic book cover. Super interesting, I would enjoy reading this comic. I also really enjoy  the building. It is nicely outlined and created out of the negative space.

starTypography – Type looks great! The various fonts look great together. I really like the lower right curved block of text.

Thank You Manuel.Peters

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05/29/14 Top Pick; Back to the Firehouse

starColor Scheme –  I really enjoy the combination of the warm orange-brown with the cool gray-blue. The colors work together nicely and offer the contrast of both warmth and cool. I also really enjoy the yellow glow of the Ecto Trap.

starTexture – Wonderful stippling texture of the background and foreground ecto glow. The nice deep wrinkles in the jumpsuits are descriptive and also add wonderful texture.

starComposition – I really enjoy the angle in which the scene is set. It keeps the design dynamic and also nicely showcases the Ecto-1 vehicle and the three men.

starExecution – Nicely resembles the Back to the Future poster. All three men are easily recognizable as Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis.

Thank You NinjaInk

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05/29/14 Top Pick; Princess

star Color Scheme – Wonderful shades of gray with a pop of bright red. I really enjoy the washy light gray background giving the design a sense of aerial perspective.

starTexture – I love the white wild wiry lines in the foreground that suggest tall grass. The light gray water-color splash within the moon are amazing.

starContrast – Wonderful play with positive and negative space.

Thank You Karmazero

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05/29/14 Top Pick; Greyjoy’s Hot Dogs

star Comical – While dark and sad, the design has its own comical charm.

starExecution – Design looks similar to the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs design. Simple clean design that almost requires a second look to catch the message.

Thank You RobGo

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5/24/2014 – 5/25/2014 X-Men Weekend!

X-Men: Days of Future Past Weekend!


Let me start off by saying unlike Godzilla, I have seen every X-Men movie including the Wolverine films. This mini-review/brain dump may include spoilers for all six previous movies. Also, I have no other X-Men experience such as comics or cartoons so my mutant knowledge is limited to the movies only. Fair warning!

My excitement leading up to Days of Future Past has not been a secret for those who know me. It started with the first trailer that was released and I was excited at the prospect of: another X-Men movie, both the new and old cast coming together, time travel, and all the cool new mutants. The idea of James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart playing young and old Xavier seemed like such a fun concept and likewise for Magneto with Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellen. My excitement built up even more when I saw the movie posters portraying Xavier and Magneto, both young and old through the X cut across their faces. My only worry was that the movie might not live up to my lofty X-pectations…


I guess 7 really is a lucky number because this movie is all kinds of awesome! I really enjoyed First Class and the early X-Men movies and this movie is a perfect mash-up of both. We begin with a Sentinel assault on the mutant rebels which looks like it came straight from the pages of a comic book. We are introduced to some new and familiar faces. Of the new mutants, Blink really caught my eye with her awesome portal wielding power. The concept of time travel is introduced to us with a familiar mutant, Kitty Pryde, as she transfers Bishop’s mind into his body a few days in the past. Immediately, all the mutants disappear because as we learn, Bishop has warned the rebels of the attack in the past and has therefore prevented it from happening. I’m not sure where Kitty received this power as it is not explained, and as far as I know, her power is limited to the ability to phase through objects. Even though the origin of this technique is not revealed, the rules are clearly established for the purposes of the film. It was nice knowing the rules because each movie featuring time travel has its own set.

Next, we have the rebels teaming up with Xavier, Wolverine, and the rest of the X-Men. Strikingly, Magneto is with them as well. You know shit has hit the fan if Xavier and Magneto are back on the same team! In this future, mutants have been hunted to the point of extinction as well as any human who might produce mutant offspring. We learn that Xavier has a plan to stop this mutant apocalypse from ever occurring. If only there was a mutant whose mind could survive being sent back in time fifty years… Wolverine, you’re up bub! While he might not seem like the best candidate to convince Xavier and Magneto to work together in the past, the audience is most deeply invested with Hugh Jackman’s character. He’s been in six of the seven movies (including his two solo movies) and even has a cameo in First Class (which is referenced later in the film). I’m not complaining at all, I love Hugh Jackman! What I’m saying is, the Wolverine character doesn’t strike me as the level-headed, leadership type we might need in the past. What he does have in his favor, however, is indominable determination and a (rocking) body in the 70’s.

Skip forward a bit after Wolverine teams up with Xavier and Beast. Young Magneto is imprisoned at the Pentagon and the team needs some help to bust him out. Here we are introduced to another new mutant, Quicksilver! His scenes are some of my favorite in the film and he brings the comedic relief to the movie. I really enjoyed his “time in a bottle” scene where he single-handedly dispatches a room of armed guards during the prison breakout. It’s a great moment of levity in the film that is full of heavy themes such as racial discrimination, national security, and human (mutant) rights. It’s a shame he isn’t featured more in the movie, but maybe he would have undermined the serious tone of the movie.

Okay, so I now I’m going to start gushing over J Law and her incredible portrayal as the shape-shifting villain, Mystique. The character seems to have adopted Magneto’s ruthless agenda all the way and is on a warpath of revenge. Not only has she adopted Magneto’s mutant first cause, she does a great job imitating his James Bond, international espionage act from First Class. Jennifer Lawrence kicks complete ass busting out mutants in Vietnam, seducing a Vietnamese General and assuming his identity at the cease-fire, and her relentless pursuit of Boliver Trask (Peter Dinklage). I really enjoy seeing a strong, independent female acting out of her own will, even though her role is temporarily the villain of the film. She does’t need Magneto or Xavier to accomplish her goals. In fact, it is this struggle against what the men in her life want that causes her disenfranchisement with the mutant cause and blinds her to the consequences of her actions.

I have a few thoughts on Peter Dinklage’s performance but I don’t have a great transition so here we go! First of all, the word dwarf was never used in the movie (if I remember correctly). Amongst all these mutants, Trask’s diminutive body seemed downright ordinary. In our world, it’s great to see the progress Hollywood has been able to make because of Dinklage’s success on Game of Thrones. I’m sure if this movie was made even just five years ago, Dinklage wouldn’t have even been considered. It’s a nice parallel to the struggle of the mutants in the film and the real world progress Dinklage is making. Okay, back to the movie. We learn that the exact event that causes the Sentinel-enforced martial law of the future is his assassination at the hands of Mystique. Trask has a fear (even a respect) at the power of the mutants which he believes are so different from humankind. He even goes so far as to classify them as something besides homo-sapiens (I forget the word). It’s interesting that someone with his condition would fear that which is different, rather than embrace it. It’s a cautionary characterization that even the oppressed  can act out of fear and hate as well.

Now that Wolverine and Xavier have Magneto in tow, it’s time to stop Mystique. Only, as usual, they have very different ideas about how to accomplish this. Magneto shows his true colors with an all-out assault on Mystique in broad daylight. It takes a combined effort to stop him and Magneto departs on his new quest, to repurpose the Sentinels and destroy anyone who opposes mutants. It seems that even though Trask’s assassination has been thwarted, the future is still unchanged. Some new event must lead humanity to act out of fear and hate with the Sentinel project.

Cut forward a little bit and you have 3 factions. Xavier and Wolverine fighting for the future and peace, Magneto’s quest for mutant domination, and Mystique who just wants revenge against Trask. Rewind a bit, we’re never shown on-screen, but Mystique discovers files in Trask’s office that implicates him in the murder of the other members of Magneto’s Brotherhood (Emma Frost, Azazel, etc.). Mystique is solely acting out of hate and vengeance. Catching a theme here? Now, at the climax of the movie, all three converge at the White House. It seems there is to be a demonstration of the Sentinels. All hell breaks lose as Magneto has airlifted a local stadium to engulf the White House and plans to kill the President and Trask for a televised audience! At the same time, Mystique has disguised as a security guard and infiltrated the demonstration as well. Xavier shows up in time to block her actions telepathically but there is nothing he can do to stop Magneto. Xavier’s hold on Mystique is released when he is pinned under some rubble from Magneto’s air drop. At this point, Mystique and Magneto duke it out. Well, it’s actually rather one-sided because Mystique kicks his butt! It is at this point of the film, where Mystique is finally released from the shackles of Xavier and Magneto that she is free to act out of her own will. Xavier imparts one final message, of love for a girl he regards as a sister and that he was wrong to control her. This message of love and to act out of compassion is a powerful one. Mystique is given her chance at revenge, to act out of hatred and fear, and refuses. It is a powerful message and a great lesson we all can learn.

During the fray, Wolverine has been thrown from the site and submerged underwater, not knowing the outcome. He awakens, unaware to his surroundings or time. It seems he has landed in Xavier’s School, surrounded by the present students and faculty. To my surprise and utter delight, this includes those who had previously fallen in Last Stand! It was great to see Jean and Scott again. The movie had done the improbable, not only had it saved the future, it had fixed the past by creating a brand-new timeline! This is perhaps the most exciting aspect of the film. A clean slate to work with for future sequels! We can forget about the awful X3 and tell new stories without the shackles of seven movies of twisted X-Men canon and warped timeline.

There is an after credits scene, and thanks to my husband, I know who it featured. We see a hooded figure using some sort of power to construct pyramids and a large crowd of humans worshipping him. Apparently, it is the original mutant, Apocalypse. A quick IMDB search shows the next movie will feature this villain in X-Men: Apocalypse. It looks like that movie will give us the First Class cast as opposed to the original. If that’s the case, the ending is bittersweet as we will not see the original cast again most likely. Either way, this movie left me very excited for what’s to come and I can’t wait!

05/22/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/22/14 Top Pick; Sons Of Mischief

It’s true, some girls love bad boys. Just look at this rendering of Loki. What’s not to love about this mischievous supervillain? Everything about this design is perfect. I’m speechless! This shirt leaves me in awe. I love the color choices. I love the composition. I could almost kiss Loki’s face (sorry Thor!). Medusa, I would love to see your process!

Thank You MedusaTheDollmaker

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05/22/14 Top Pick; Ken & Ryu’s Street Fighting Academy

Hadouken. Shoryuken. Tatsumaki. These are some of the moves you will learn at this Shoto academy! I really enjoy the warm color palette on the navy blue shirt. By substituting the whites for a light cream color it keeps with the same family of colors and the overall design appears warm. The arrows create a nice texture for the circular frame and illustrate the move inputs. The gradation along with the bold light lines convey the motion of the dynamic upward moving fist. All in all, this shirt scores a total KO!

Thank You OdysseyRoc

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05/22/14 Top Pick; The Sleeping Rose

One of my all time favorite Disney movies! Yes, I already bought my ticket to go watch Maleficent on opening weekend!! Wonderful romantic design. Aurora aka Briar Rose, is lovingly placed on a soft pillow as she slumbers. The many delicate folds of her covers are soft and decorated with roses. Her frame is wonderfully detailed. It shows the balance between the evil bright poisonous green enchantment and her good pink blossoming roses. My favorite part is the bright glowing green, pink, and blue spots in the center. They nicely represent her loving Fairy Godmothers Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.

Thank You Nados

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05/12/2014 Top 3 Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/12/14 Top 3 Pick; No Love

Some of my favorite shirts are ones with subtle video game references. Something a non-gamer might not look at twice. Mario himself is not present and neither are Princess Peach or Bowser, who is only referenced in name. Interesting tattoo style design. The composition is packed with many components which are all nicely balanced. The X-shaped pipes in the background radiate outward while the light-colored wings in the center help unite and brighten the design. The dagger stabs the center and serves as a focal point to lead the eye to the text wrapped around the banner. I very much enjoy having the text incorporated and wrapped around the design instead of having it float elsewhere. Interesting use of a red turtle shell in the center with the dagger instead of the usual heart.

Thank You BeastPop

Buy This Shirt! No Love


05/12/14 Top 3 Pick; Fight Like A Woman

Who said girls can’t be tough? This strong superheroine, portrayed in a lovely rose shade, is ready to put up a good fight. The silhouette  is easily recognizable as Wonder Woman by portraying her arm cuffs, head bead, and long curled locks.  The letter forms in the foreground are large, bold, and extended creating a wide wall of letters which the figure’s arms look ready to break down. I very much enjoy the placement of the pink breast cancer ribbon within the letter forms. It snugly fits on top of the negative areas and is outlined slightly thinner which help prevent it from clashing with the letter.

Thank You Teeminus24

Buy This Shirt! Fight Like A Woman


05/12/14 Top 3 Pick; Genesis

SEGA! This detailed info-graphic of this retro console is nicely laid out. The first generation of the Genesis console is on display and not the later models. Fun fact, the Genesis is known as the Mega Drive in some parts of the world! The thin white lines on a dark background have a CAD like quality. The components are nicely organized and unified. The controllers are placed in a yin-yang format. The adapter and cables both are laid in a tall rectangular shape around the wide rectangular game cartridge. I enjoy the little labels and arrows pointed to various parts adding different layers of information. This shirt makes me want to bust out Sonic & Knuckles, Streets of Rage 2, and all the other 16-bit classics!

Thank You Melee Ninja

Buy This Shirt! Genesis




05/10/2014 & 05/11/2014 Once Upon A Tee: Review

Once Upon A Tee is a weekly t-shirt site which offers designs for 7 days, unlike the daily sites. Once Upon A Tee offers a collection of designs which are usually part of a theme or franchise instead of the daily design model. You can either buy the whole lot for a reduced price, or pick any individual designs that catch your eye.  Each design is something an independent artist created and submitted. Because of this, the styles and subjects can vary wildly and add to the excitement of buying these unique shirts. Once Upon A Tee offers their shirts in 3 styles: Men’s, Women’s, and Youth. They also offer hoodies, phone cases, and mouse pads if that’s your thing.

I recently purchased Tom Trager’s “Justice” design from them and I was thrilled when it arrived! Ordering my Women’s style shirt was a cinch. Creating an account takes only a minute of your time or you can simply check out as a guest. They conveniently offer payment via PayPal or major credit card. I recommend creating an account in order to accumulate “Rupees”, a form of currency which can be redeemed later for a discount on future orders!

I placed my order on April 20th and the shirt was shipped on April 26th. That’s 6 business days to print and ship the shirt which seems about right. From there, USPS snail mail took 4 business days to arrive at my doorstep. That’s 9 business days from purchase, to shirt-in-hand. My experience may have been faster than usual because I ordered my shirt on the last day of availability. Your time may vary based on when you order. If you order as soon as the design goes up, you’ll have to wait for the week to end before the printing process begins. Just a fair warning!

Now, onto the shirt itself.

First off, Once Upon A Tee did an extremely good job separating the ink colors. Each color seems to have been printed where each color was intended. I don’t see any unintentional bleeding of the colors or smudges. The edges are clean and crisp. The lines are even and straight. The colors themselves turned out very, VERY close to the digital image of the design. This is very impressive considering colors may vary from one screen to another. The half tones used in the background turned out very fine in the shirt. Last but not least, the output does look like Chris Evans!

The shirt used for the print is a Gildan brand “Ultra Cotton” tee, 100% cotton composition. The women’s medium fit me just fine. It was “straight cut” and not tapered like some women’s shirts. This leads to a somewhat loose but comfortable fit. Perfect for lounging around the house, showing off to your friends, or maybe even fighting crime!

My only nitpick or regret is I didn’t order the hoodie too! I love this design!

In the end, Once Upon A Tee is a fantastic site for patrons and artists alike. They offer many different designers an opportunity to share their work for an extended period of time and deliver those designs faithfully to their customers. If you’re on the fence about purchasing from this site, I highly recommend you do so. Once Upon A Tee didn’t just sell me a shirt, they ensured I would enjoy my purchase happily ever after!




04/29/2014 Top 3 Pick – Daily Shirt Designs


04/29/14 Top 3 Pick; Avengers of Shield

“Earth’s mightiest heroes”. The design is a nice circular badge-like composition, segmented with a character in each compartment. Together, they form the shield. Each hero is nicely rendered using positive and negative space. The small white details make them pop and give each hero their identity while giving the design complexity.

Thank You Alecxps

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04/29/14 Top 3 Pick; Great Scott!

“There’s that word again. “Heavy.” Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull?” A deliciously clever mash-up of Back to the Future and Scott Pilgrim! Scott Pilgrim is portrayed here by Marty McFly as he performs his “Go, Johnny  Go!” scene from the end of Back to the Future. Wonderful line and color render of the figure. I enjoy the typography treatment of the letter forms especially the thunderbolt T’s. The large white letters nicely balance the colorful figure underneath.

Thank You Coinbox Tees

Buy This Shirt! Great Scott!


04/29/14 Top 3 Pick; ESCAPE

When the president or his family is trapped in a major U.S. city surrounded by savages, who are you gonna call? It’s gotta be Kurt Russells’s one-eyed, warrior persona “Snake”! Wonderfully distressed, this figure is rough and ready to rumble. I very much enjoy the unnecessary, but much appreciated detail to the figure’s hair. The design’s bottom is very nice balanced to the top. Although they are similar, I enjoy that they are not entirely identical.

Thank You CS3INK

Buy This Shirt! ESCAPE

04/28/2014 Top 3 Pick – Daily Shirt Designs


04/28/14 Top 3 Pick; Attack on Dinosaur – Red

“T-Rex doesn’t want to be fed. He wants to hunt.” Just like the titans, this dinosaur is busting through the wall and ready to eat some unsuspecting humans! This red monotone design captures the terror, the fear of the moment. I enjoy the large T-Rex head dominating the top center. Having both the dinosaur’s head and the main human figure both in focus creates tension. The rest of the design, including the T-Rex’s body is out of focus and hazy which creates depth and is wonderfully descriptive without taking away from the emotion between the man and the dinosaur. The small highlight of white also nicely leads the eye between both figures. I also enjoy that the wall motif is not forced upon this design, but is a natural part of the design and occurs in the film. Kudos!

Thank You  Justyna Dorsz

Buy This Shirt! Attack on Dinosaur – Red


04/28/14 Top 3 Pick; Yellow King Coming

“Do you wonder ever if you’re a bad man?” “No. I don’t wonder, Marty. World needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door.” Wonderfully intriguing spiral pattern, both to the detectives solving the cases and as a pattern on a shirt design. I enjoy this “dream catcher”-like composition. The wild strokes resemble sticks and twigs used to create this intricate handcrafted frame. The color gradation nicely shows aerial depth. The mysterious, yellow-colored haze hovers above calling attention. This”yellow king” looms above Rust and Marty, casting a shadow over their domain.

Thank You Dr Simon Butler

Buy This Shirt! Yellow King Coming


04/28/14 Top 3 Pick; Braille Devil

Hey, justice is supposed to be blind right? I very much enjoy the circular waves behind the figure. They appear to be sound waves, which Daredevil’s heightened senses detect as a sort of “echo location”, due to his blindness. Wonderful braille pattern incorporated in the design fits the character’s motif. Very clever!

Thank You TeeMinus24

Buy This Shirt! Braille Devil

04/25/2014 Top 3 Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


04/25/14 Top 3 Pick: Clown College

Come on up boys and girls! Don’t be shy! This circus clown college is ready for new future evil clowns. Interesting trio of scary clowns with Joker front and center, the ring leader. I enjoy the details of the old circus style sign in the background. The repetition of Joker’s sinister smile on the balloons help give this design a creepy feeling. But rest assured, there is a dark vigilante watching over. The batman symbol is nicely tucked, hiding behind the sign front and center.

Thank You ccourts86

Buy This Shirt! Clown College


04/25/14 Top 3 Pick: The Demented King

“Fool! Your powers are no match for my magical crown!” This Ice King dominates the design demonstrating hierarchy. I enjoy the large comic style letter forms along with the little labels and text bubbles. I especially enjoy the question mark shaped text bubble posing a question. Well balanced pyramid composition. The characters on the sides are portrayed smaller and in monotone yellow creating dimension. The yellow color  allows the characters to not get lost and pop off the dark blue background.

Thank You David Bear

Buy This Shirt! The Demented King


04/25/14 Top 3 Pick: Into Madness

Blood and chaos, the mind of a killer. Interesting style of image making. The collage style design composed of a large face surround by lifeless bodies visually describes the inner thoughts of a killer. The open mouth in the center surrounded by visual complexity is very visually appealing and captivating. The  typography treatment is very similar to the style used for the show. I like the combined ‘nn’ glyphs and the lowering of its baseline which creates a sharp peak in the form.

Thank You TeevsTee

Buy This Shirt! Into Madness

04/15/2014 Top 3 Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


04/15/14 Top 3 Pick; Batpop

Na na na na na na Batman! Here we have Batman’s Rogues Gallery rendered in the style of Andy Warhol. Wonderful use of block colors and simple lines to form these infamous villains. The colors create very interesting shapes and dynamic negative spaces all contained within a grid composition.

Thank You Edwoody

Buy This Shirt! Batpop


04/15/14 Top 3 Pick; The Cannibal

“The Devil is in the details.” This design has both in spades! This horned figure is made up of amazing line work. The thick and thin line variation nicely show the contours in the face. The disembodied head with red eyes looks dark and malevolent.

Tip: This shirt is best enjoyed with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Thank You Azafran

Buy This Shirt! The Cannibal


04/15/14 Top 3 Pick; Little Robin

Every hero needs a sidekick right? Meet the original sidekick, Batman’s Robin! A hilarious literal interpretation of the character’s moniker. He’s ready in his gear to fly by and fight crime. His little garment, gloves, and mask are delicately illustrated. I enjoy the soft earth tones color scheme.

Thank You Juan Foo

Buy This Shirt! Little Robin