03.21.2016 | TOP PICKS Daily Shirt Designs

Just one Top Pick for today. Also, another amazing collection at TeeFury, available now until March 28!

Stars out of 5.


03.21.2016 | You Call This Archaeology?

Composition –19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small


Thank You, DARTHFAR !


03.21.2016 | Drawn to Action – TeeFury Collection

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02.10.2016 | TOP PICKS Daily Shirt Designs

Yay!! Awesome shirts available today. Stars 19806showing.jpegout of 5.


02.10.2016 | One of a Kind Unit

Suave tones, in melody and color.

Render –19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Color –19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, Amanda Flagg Design !



02.10.2016 | He Wants To Be the Fastest One

Too cute!

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Color –19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, MoisesCudero!



02.10.2016 | It’s a Trap

Concept – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Render – 19806showing_small

Thank You, JCMaziu!

04/16/2014 Top 3 Pick – Daily Shirt Designs


04/16/14 Top 3 Pick; The Chewsade

Hilarious mash-up of Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Han and Chewie are portraying Indiana and his father, Henry Jones. Something tells me Sean Connery would not be amused to be portrayed as the hairy wookie! Lots of interesting textures. Wookie fur flying in the wind. Scruffy Han in a fedora. Descriptive rough and distressed texture on the vehicle and side cart. I enjoy the brown and green color palette.

Thank You Leon Ryan

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04/16/14 Top 3 Pick; By Royal Decree

Elsa the Riveter! An inspiring figure for young women to embrace who they are and let go of trying to be someone else. This strong female character is gorgeously rendered. I enjoy her light smooth skin and detailed garment. The delicate snowflakes and swirls make an interesting background.

Thank You Six Eyed Monster

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04/16/14 Top 3 Pick; The Planet of The Kong

Looks like the Mushroom Kingdom fell to a mushroom cloud. I wonder if Mario got a kiss with Dixie? The barrels are a nice call back to the original Donkey Kong arcade game which originally pit these two foes against each other. This design portrays an interesting scene with Donkey Kong dominating the composition. Mario in a kneeling down pose shows his emotions without showing facial features.

Thank You AlbertoArni

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04/03/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Designs


04/03/14 Top 3 Pick; L’Opera Della Diva

Tall… b-b-blue… With this shirt, you too can be the winner of the Gemini Croquette contest! This realistic render of the Diva has amazing details. The beautiful blue tones flesh out this elegant foreign body. The antiquated yellow and gold on the nouveau background gives the design a wonderful old opera house aesthetic. Bravo!

Thank You Penguinstein

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04/03/14 Top 3 Pick; Antique Adventurer

Warning! Do not look directly at this design for too long or you might suffer the same fate from Raiders of the Lost Ark. This design is face-meltingly awesome! The jungle print background is visually intriguing. Indiana Jones’ silhouette is handled in two different poses but both flow organically on one another. His bright orange sidekick in the foreground brings out the orange tones in the upper part of the design, making the eyes venture around.

Thank You Arinesart

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04/03/14 Top 3 Pick; The Great Fox Four

Fox, Falco, Peppy, and Slippy are all here. There’s no other team I’d rather fly with into an asteroid field! Wonderful use of color to create depth of field.  The use of that bright yellow jumps out against the blues. The line work in the design is beautiful and humanist. Just don’t forget to do a barrel roll!

Thank You Nicole Martin

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03/13/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Designs


03/13/14 Top 3 Pick; Obtainer Of Rare Antiquities

Loving the single color shirts today. Interesting use of space to show duality. By placing one figure within another and changing the scale of the figures, the artist shows hierarchy between the adventurer persona “Indy” and the Doctor persona “Dr. Henry Jones”. All you need buy along with this shirt is a fedora to complete the ensemble and watch out for SNAKES!

Thank You Olipop

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03/13/14 Top 3 Pick; X-Mutant Yellow

Did I mention I love single color designs! While this shirt is offered in two different color options, I definitely enjoy the yellow on blue color scheme most. Strong, rugged, and masculine, both character are ready to clash. Simply lines define the negative space to reveal each character. Using the rough texture instead of a flat X figure adds depth.  I can almost see a vs. sign between both figures with the phoenix symbol driving a wedge between them.

Thank You ClevaGurl

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03/13/14 Top 3 Pick; The Night I Dark

Yes, I know, another Game of Thrones shirt. There are still a million Dr. Who shirts and slim pickings for other subject matter.

I greatly fancy this style. Mixing high detailed, realism, line drawings with handcrafted typography. The hatching and cross hatching texture on the raven nicely shows highlights and shade on the figure. Specially the shine on the dark feathers. The typography is nicely, unevenly wrapped across the body to show the birds rounded shape giving it dimension. This shirt is a nice way to send a message.

Thank You APSketches

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