05/26/2014 Top Pick – Daily Shirt Designs


05/26/14 Top Pick; Hokusai Gojira

Amazing bold composition contained within the large red circle. The bright red is extremely eye-catching, especially since it is cleanly set on a white background. The solid bold colors also give the design a woodblock print appearance which works nicely as a shirt design as well. All the little curves in the wave breaks create a wonderful complex texture and make up the traditional Japanese “Great Wave” style. Godzilla literally comes out of the water about to crash on shore like a wave. An excellent visual metaphor depicting the wave of Godzilla about to crash onto Japan.

Thank You Mdk7

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05/26/14 Top Pick; You Win or You Die

Wonderful design composed of the different house sigils of Game Of Thrones. All the animals seem to nicely compliment each other . They fit together nicely while clawing at each other to sit on the Iron Throne. I also very much enjoy the color scheme. The animals seem to be depicted in a warmer cream gray while the background is a nice cool blue gray . The floral decorative design uniting the composition is composed of the red leaves of the great weirwood trees. The Iron Throne sits in the middle of the design, with the wolf and the lion most closely vying for control. This focal point of the design is also the focal point of the show, as the Starks of the North battle the Lannisters in the South.

Thank You Shobey1Kanoby

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05/16/2014 – 05/18/2014 GODZILLA WEEKEND!


*WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the newly released Godzilla movie. Readers beware!

Okay, let me preface this pseudo-review by letting you know this was the first Godzilla movie I’ve ever seen. Okay, OKAY stop yelling at me! I know! The big lizard just hasn’t been on my radar until this year. The trailer looked good and all the shirt designs lately had me excited to see what this new movie had to offer!

First of all, I can’t talk about the movie without mentioning my favorite human characters, Dr. Ichiro (Ken Watanabe) and Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston). I very much enjoyed the scientist perspective showing the history of what we encountered leading up to the events of the film. The scene in Japan with Walter White err I mean Bryan Cranston was heartbreaking and set the stage for the human motivation of the film. Both of these characters made me care about the story and had me emotionally invested. Let me also give a small shout out to the writer for not portraying the military as the cold, hard-line prick stereotype, especially Admiral Stenz (David Strathairn). As it became increasingly clear humanity was not in control of the monsters, he began to put his faith in Dr. Ichiro’s belief of Godzilla as “Earth’s protector”. It was nice to have a sympathetic and non-butthead guy in charge for a change right?

Okay, so Walter White err I mean Bryan Cranston’s death was very surprising to me. I definitely did not see that coming. It made sense from the perspective of the story they were telling, including the 15 year time jump, but I was still shocked to see arguably the biggest star in the film die so early. At that point, the focus shifts to his son whose name I can’t remember (the guy from Kick Ass). I really like that actor, but his performance felt stiff and awkward at times. So if I have a nitpick, it was this shift in narrative focus. The son’s family was cookie cut right out of every disaster movie you’ve ever seen. The military dad, the wife/girlfriend nurse, and the kid who just wants to see his dad. I would have enjoyed the movie more if the story went on more of a “Walter White err I mean Bryan Cranston help’s save the world and get revenge for his wife arc”.

So how awesome was Godzilla himself!? I totally got caught in the misdirection the film set up. Maybe because I hadn’t seen a Godzilla movie before? I was totally caught off guard when the initial monster reveal was not Godzilla. I am vaguely aware of the Godzilla universe and that there is a monster named Mothra, however. I really enjoyed the easter egg of the Mothra tank in the quarantine zone. Very cool!

The monster designs were one of my favorite aspects of the movie. I can’t count the number of times I jumped when a monster came out of nowhere or made a noise. So intense! I very much enjoyed the build-up to the final stand-off at the end. I especially enjoyed the way Godzilla “powered up” and “atomic blasts” the Muto’s. I think I might have said “holy shit!” out loud when it happened! It was a super cool moment and one I definitely wasn’t expecting as a Godzilla newbie. And that final kill-shot of the female Muto was freaking epic! It was reminiscent of the T-Rex scene from the end of the first Jurassic Park movie. Sent chills down my spine and my fists pumping in the air!!! I can definitely call myself a Godzilla fan now :).

Overall I’d recommend you check out Godzilla even if you’re a newbie like me. While you’re at the movies this weekend, be sure to check out all the AMAZING Godzilla shirt available this week!


“RISING KAIJU”  – Thank You Ddjvigo (only available one day)


“Incoming Natural Disaster” – Thank You Brandon Wilhelm


“Kaiju Alpha” – Thank you Pigboom


“Monster Island” – Thank You Austin James


“My Neighbor Gojira” – Thank You BeastPop 


“Red Lizard” – Thank You Zerobriant


“San Francisco” – Thank You Baznet


“The Rising Kaiju” – Thank You Ddjvigo


“The Last King” – Thank You Ddjvigo

05/08/2014 Top 3 Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/08/14 Top 3 Pick; It’s Only Forever

This shirt is only available for 24 hours, not long at all! This mystical, magical design is absolutely dreamy. The whimsical curls and filigree nicely frame the beautifully detailed faces. I love the way that David Bowie’s face and hair lead or transform into the owl’s body. His spiky, fanned out hair resembles the fanciful spread out wings of the owl. Amazing treatment of the main letter forms in the top right. They’re tall and gracefully twist and wind together filling that area with interest equal to the rest of the design. The scroll which contains the subtext also nicely winds and has a nice torn texture. I also really enjoy that the whole design seems to be in antique whites and browns or in light sepia tones, especially on the brown shirt option.

Thank You MedusatheDollmaker!! (please check out this awesome artist’s fb page)

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05/08/14 Top 3 Pick; Frozen in Time

The Frozen shirts keep on coming with this villainous mash-up! This tiny snow queen dancer floats magically in a snow globe, imprisoned by the ingenious Dr. Victor Fries (aka Mr. Freeze). Is he preserving her like his beloved wife Nora, or perhaps trying to harness her frigid powers for his own nefarious purpose? The cool blues and teals look great for both characters. Both are nicely encased using simple thick and thin white lines to show shape and highlight. Something tells me this villain won’t just “let it go” if you know what I mean! Anybody have a Bat signal?

Thank You Gil

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05/08/14 Top 3 Pick; Red Lizard

GOJIRA!! GOJIRA!! This Japanese terror this way comes! Wonderful, strong design with large bold block shapes. I very much enjoy the simple but strong background. The round red circle seems to represent Japan. By keeping some areas smooth and crisp while other areas of the circle are distressed it metaphorically represent the destruction of this giant lizard’s path. Godzilla is nicely rendered out of the negative space and the distress adds nice shape and texture.

Thank You Zerobriant

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