07/01/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

Good and evil. Light and dark. Positive and negative. Day and night. Any of these dichotomies could describe the relationship between adoptive brothers Thor and Loki. I present this conflict today in the form of two designs.


It’s not hard to imagine Loki embracing his power and status among the ancient civilizations is it? With that charm, wit, and cunning one couldn’t help but feel the presence of a god.

07/01/14 Top Pick; Loki-Tut

star Composition –  Bold, well-balanced render of this God of Mischief.

star Texture – I love the repeated horizontal lines in this design creating dynamic patterns. The small intricate lines create a variety of textures throughout the design. I especially enjoy the circular lines in the horns.

Thank You Jimiyo

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The metaphorical “light in the darkness” comes through here quite literally with the God of Thunder, Thor! While he may not be able to match Loki’s brains, he makes up for it with his formidable brawn. He also has a great butt, just ask Natalie Portman. 😛

07/01/14 Top Pick; God of Thunder Returns

star Composition – Beautiful and dynamic angle. The figure is also in a great action pose.

star Color – Wonderful use of positive and negative space. I really enjoy the teal thin outline around the negative space figure. The bright stark thunder bolt creates a wonderful contrast against the dark scene.

Thank You Six Eyed Monster

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03/15/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Design


03/15/14 Top 3 Pick; Balloon Clown

Creepy, simply eerie design. I can hear IT’s laughter. Reader- if your name is George, please BUY THIS SHIRT! I love movies, especially the horror genre and I am most definitely afraid of clowns!  This ominous shirt comes in 3 different color options, gray, blue and purple. Since the design is simple, composed mostly in black, I prefer the gray shirt option. The details are more visible because of the contrast of a lighter shirt. The minimal use of color creates a nice highlight to the black and white figure. The bright pink leads the eye upward to the balloon. Along with the placement of the design lower on the shirt, the balloon appears to float up.

Thank You hillarywhiterabbit

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Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 12.48.02 AM

03/15/14 Top 3 Pick; Let It Go

This Snow Queen is embracing her magic abilities and loving it . The artist wonderfully expresses her emotion with a type heavy design. By keeping the figure faceless, the importance is given to the typography.The style of type selected, the thick to thin ratio, size difference of words, curling and winding make it playful. The bright colors work well together and convey the disney theme. I enjoy how filling the negative space with different size snow flakes conveys visual energy and excitement.  There are 3 color options available black, purple and blue. The blue is outstanding, preventing the starkness of a black background, but still dark enough for contrast of the happy colors.

Thank You Risa Rodil

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03/15/14 Top 3 Pick; Mononke Hime

Clean,  graceful, well balanced, and beautiful design. Each element, while simple, contains excitement by using textures. Nature creates a delicate texture front and center displaying importance. The color selection of light blue on dark blue looks ghostly and light.  The red is bold and in contrast gives the design a hint of seriousness. This design is nicely comprised of well formed shapes work harmoniously using positive and negative space.

Thank You sergiomancinelli.idriu

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