07/16/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

Gah! I am going to go broke solely on Megan Lara Shirts!


“It serves me right for wishing on stars. The ONLY way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.” Princess Tiana is definitely one of my favorite Princesses!

07/16/14 Top Pick; Almost There

star Composition – Simple yet effective and elegant composition. The beautiful figure is surrounded by a detailed frame.

star Color – Wonderful earth tones married wonderfully with Princess Tiana’s gorgeous skin tones, both human AND frog! I really enjoy this design on the dark chocolate and military green option. (I bought the green!)

star Lines and Forms – Beautifully detailed frame using organic quality lines. There is also a lovely play with positive and negative spaces.

Thank You Megan Lara

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07/16/14 Top Pick; Highland Tapestry

star Composition – Again, simple, effective, and elegant composition. The beautiful figure is surrounded by another detailed frame. I am definitely a fan of this series of princess portraits!

star Color – Wonderful play with warm fiery colors and cool tones.

star Lines and Forms – Merida’s wild hair lends to the organic free-flowing typical Art Nouveau locks.

Thank You Megan Lara

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07/16/14 Top Pick; Oogie Boogie

star Color – Dark, creepy green tones on a black background give this disembodied hooded face an instant horror feel. I really enjoy the highlights used to create dimension.

star Texture – Very spooky, rough potato sack texture you can almost feel. (The character gives me goosebumps!)

Thank You Francis Arcega

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05/06/2014 Top 3 Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/06/14 Top 3 Pick; The Dark Knightmare

This hypnotizing, maniacal grin is share by both The Joker and Oogie Boogie. Batman replaces Jack Skellington, standing tall over the scene. Batman’s wind-blown cape creates interesting wild shapes also mimicked throughout Joker’s crazed appearance. The city scape along with the “HA” signs create wonderful visual complexity and keep the eye jumping around the design. The lighter long stokes in the background along with the lighter figures in the teeth nicely break up the solid yellow plains keeping the design active. The Batman logo background also mimics the pumpkin shape of The Pumpkin King, Jack.

Thank You Donnie

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05/06/14 Top 3 Pick; Silence, My Brother

This Dark Brotherhood sign would nicely mark the underground settlement in Skyrim. Wonderful, well-balanced composition with bilateral symmetry. I enjoy how the crossed arms create an arrow which points to the red hand print. The thick red outline really makes the design pop and serves as a nice clean trim around the design. The skeletal figure is mostly made up of soft grays, except for the white on the blades, giving them a highlight and a shine.

Thank You Hilary White

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05/06/14 Top 3 Pick; Ishimura Engineering

Only class 5 engineers may sport this design. This interstellar mining ship is portrayed small in the lower center. The name of  the ship is in a large, bold font on a curve in the top center. Together, they anchor and contain the other components in the design as they seem to float in space. Isaac’s plasma cutter tool dominates the center of the design, a makeshift weapon for dismembering Necromorphs. This calm and simple design hides the gruesome and hideous nature of Dead Space. A subtle shirt that non-gamers would never look at twice.

Thank You Amanda Flagg

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03/18/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Designs


03/18/2014 Top 3 Picks; Oogie Boogie Loops

What a treat. Looking closely, I savor all the little components from the marshmallow bugs to the creepy faces on the trio of mischievous children. This shirt is offered on a black, purple or  brown shirt. I prefer the design on the black and purple options.  On black the use of the bright green and bright pink give it a “glow in the dark” effect similar to the black light used in the film. The thick lime green outline around the main components really make it pop. The design on purple looks like it could be on a box, ready to be picked off the shelf, since it is brighter. Wise use of limited solid colors for shading. Overall the design is alive, and full of well balanced components.

Thank You NikHolmes

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03/18/2014 Top 3 Picks; Luke Tracy

Standing tall in the Rebel Alliance, this hero is admirably portrayed. The outlines on the negative space to create the figure give him a stepping out of the dark effect, which plays nicely with his character. The artist was able to create a very well pronounced  folded, wrinkled fabric effect on the jumpsuit using just solid yellow. The bright yellow with red outlines on black shout WATCH OUT. The background is simple but adds color to the overall design.

Thank You Chemabloa8

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03/18/2014 Top 3 Picks; Arendelle’s Best Ice

This fun shirt will definitely help this duo advertise their ice delivery service. Much needed to increase the amount of sales that have declined due to the random winter weather in Arendelle.  Offered on a cool icey blue-gray color shirt, this simple design is solid. This symmetrical emblem consists of  bold, thick lines and simple contours for textures. Kristoff and Sven are my favorite Frozen characters and I enjoy seeing them nicely rendered on this shirt design.

Thank You Shoden

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