05/23/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/23/14 Top Pick; Eggman Industries

Awesome Eggman aka Dr. Robotnik propaganda poster! He’s taking over the world, one cute and cuddly enslaved robot animal at a time. Eggman always seems like such a joke in the Sonic games but he looks menacing and powerful the way he is depicted large and looming overhead. His large hands seem to reach out for control. The repeating red lines throughout the design are hypnotizing. I really enjoy the warm grays matched up with the bright eye-catching red. Wonderful worn, weathered textured added to give it an appearance of being folded and passed around, propagating the message of world domination.

Thank You ChadWoodward

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05/23/14 Top Pick; Byte

Wonderful use of color theory to develop this multi-dimensional fox head. By using orange for the head area it visually gives it a rounder shape and sets the green muzzle back. The very bright thin yellow strokes set the eye area closer. I also really enjoy all the little thin geometric shapes within the figure giving it a digital look. I think this design is an entirely original piece but it still reminds me of Star Fox.

Thank You Steven Lefcourt

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05/12/2014 Top 3 Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/12/14 Top 3 Pick; No Love

Some of my favorite shirts are ones with subtle video game references. Something a non-gamer might not look at twice. Mario himself is not present and neither are Princess Peach or Bowser, who is only referenced in name. Interesting tattoo style design. The composition is packed with many components which are all nicely balanced. The X-shaped pipes in the background radiate outward while the light-colored wings in the center help unite and brighten the design. The dagger stabs the center and serves as a focal point to lead the eye to the text wrapped around the banner. I very much enjoy having the text incorporated and wrapped around the design instead of having it float elsewhere. Interesting use of a red turtle shell in the center with the dagger instead of the usual heart.

Thank You BeastPop

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05/12/14 Top 3 Pick; Fight Like A Woman

Who said girls can’t be tough? This strong superheroine, portrayed in a lovely rose shade, is ready to put up a good fight. The silhouette  is easily recognizable as Wonder Woman by portraying her arm cuffs, head bead, and long curled locks.  The letter forms in the foreground are large, bold, and extended creating a wide wall of letters which the figure’s arms look ready to break down. I very much enjoy the placement of the pink breast cancer ribbon within the letter forms. It snugly fits on top of the negative areas and is outlined slightly thinner which help prevent it from clashing with the letter.

Thank You Teeminus24

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05/12/14 Top 3 Pick; Genesis

SEGA! This detailed info-graphic of this retro console is nicely laid out. The first generation of the Genesis console is on display and not the later models. Fun fact, the Genesis is known as the Mega Drive in some parts of the world! The thin white lines on a dark background have a CAD like quality. The components are nicely organized and unified. The controllers are placed in a yin-yang format. The adapter and cables both are laid in a tall rectangular shape around the wide rectangular game cartridge. I enjoy the little labels and arrows pointed to various parts adding different layers of information. This shirt makes me want to bust out Sonic & Knuckles, Streets of Rage 2, and all the other 16-bit classics!

Thank You Melee Ninja

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