01.07.2016 | TOP PICKS Daily Shirt Designs


These are my Top Picks for today.

19806showing.jpegout of 5


01.07.2016 – X-Fast Club

Totally rad execution.

Concept –19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg

Line work – 19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg

Color- 19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg

Thank You, Dandstrbo!



01.07.2016 – Obey the Devil

Those pea green eyes are so creepy!! Great pop of color.

Color – 19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg

Line work – 19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg

Texture – 19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg

Thank You, Hyperstatica!

08/08/2014 Top Pick – Daily Shirt Designs


08/08/14 Top Pick; Wolf-ii-aka-okami

star Composition – I absolutely love the beautiful round organic frame. It nicely balances the sharp angles of the wolf.

star Color – Awesome pop of color!

Thank You Jimiyo

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I freaking LOVE horror movies! I love monsters like vampires and werewolves, slashers like Jason and Freddy, supernatural horror, zombies… all of it!

08/08/14 Top Pick; Horror Skull

star Composition – Nicely composed and rendered.

star Lines & Forms – Easily recognizable iconic monsters and villains. Wonderful line details.

Thank You Yannick Bouchard

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