05/03/2014 Top 3 Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/03/14 Top 3 Pick: Sounds of the 80s Vol.2

80’s music is awesome, but this collection transforms any event into a blast! Wonderful concept in having these mini-cassettes represent the Autobot Transformers. I enjoy these bold, warm colors and the solid shapes. The lines that make up each cassette are clean, thin, and descriptive. Wonderful choice in having a graph background giving it a mathematic/geometric theme and when adding the gradient gives it a totally 80’s feel!

Thank You Pinteezy

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05/03/14 Top 3 Pick: Wondershot

A rare Chrono Trigger design! Here we have the lovable nerd, Lucca, with her trusty Wondershot! I love simple mono color designs. I feel like by using a single color the lines of the design really stand out. The amount of beautiful details in the figure’s head and gun are lovely. The composition of the gear wheels fits nicely with the figure’s pose and the Chrono Trigger “clock” motif. The large type in a curve and at an angle completes the design creating a cute little united piece.

Thank You Nina Matsumoto

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05/03/14 Top 3 Pick: Nine Companions

This fellowship is united for the sole purpose to destroy The Ring. Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, and Aragorn. On their way to Mordor, each figure is nicely rendered as a silhouette. Wonderful use of negative and positive space. I absolutely enjoy the colors and shapes of all the different layers within the composition. Each layer seems to interlock together nicely and show the vast journey ahead. This shirt is offered in black, brown, or green. All options are nice, since all the options are dark and the gradation of colors maintain their spatial effect.

Thank You Asners

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While you’re surfing the Internet today, please swing by Crystals For Life, a charity marathon gamers are running for a good cause! The Wondershot design is one of the 6 sponsored designs from The Yetee, where $3 from every design goes straight to JDRF! Please check out this awesome cause!

04/11/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Designs


04/11/14 Top 3 Pick; Justice

So where do I enlist? Is SHIELD hiring? Here we have America’s literal ‘poster’ boy! Looks like Steve Rogers is about to pop out of this stars and stripes design. He looks highly detailed using simple color illusions so the eye completes the image. Wonderful radiating background. I enjoy how the background elements break from the rectangular frame.

Thank You Tom Trager

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04/11/14 Top 3 Pick; Robolution

From Metropolis to Wall-E, we see the evolution of our artificial counterparts. Wonderful incline composition. The robots are nicely detailed with simple white outlines on the dark figures. I enjoy how the robots are not posing together or the same, they are naturally standing or flying in same cases.

Thank You Samiel

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04/11/14 Top 3 Pick; Cap’n Ameri-Crunch

Start the day right. Wipe out hunger AND Hydra with the Cap’n! This cereal looks like a blast in the morning. There are many components in this design, but all are well-balanced and work well together. I enjoy all the wonderful details and care each component was given. The trading cards are a nice touch and a nod to the first Avengers movie.

Thank You Bamboota

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