03/21/2014 Top 3 Pick- Daily Shirt Designs


03/21/14 Top 3 Pick; Outatime

Awesome black and white Back to the Future Design. The Delorean is wonderfully rendered hovering and tilted, ready to fly off. I enjoy the different typographic treatments throughout the design. They are all different but work together harmoniously. Sensational amount of details and movie references. I love the use of the lightning as the organic element, instead of the usual olive branches, in the emblem.


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03/21/14 Top 3 Pick; Captain ‘Murica

Hilarious shirt design! This shirt makes me think of a 4th of July cook out. It makes me proud to be a ‘Murica. Being Hispanic and the first generation born here, this shirt contains everything foreigners think of when they think of American. The comic rendition and collection of fearsome animals is lovely. I especially love the trucker hat on the eagle in the center. The explosion in the back makes the design look epic.

Thank You TeeTurtle

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03/21/14 Top 3 Pick; A God beyond the Sea

This ancient water being is sketched out using a wonderful scale of colors and strokes.  I really enjoy the teal tones on the black background. The texture created by the amount of stokes is rich and gives it an underwater feel. The small circles on the tentacles and the bubble contours on the head creates a variety of details and textures.

Thank You Dr.Monekers

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