03/23/2014 Top 3 Pick- Daily Shirt Design


03/23/14 Top 3 Pick; Vintage Trooper

Emperor Palpatine wants you! Come join the Galactic Empire. This cleverly worded porpagada style design is retro and lovley. The Tie fighters in the background are a delightful touch. The skintones on the cream background with a hint of blue looks clean and light.  I enjoy the curvy caligraphy style font and the figure in a seductive pose luring the male audience. The juxtaposition of the lovely female figure with the storm trooper helmet is comical.

Thank You omarfeliciano

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03/23/14 Top 3 Pick; Warning: Explosive Anger

Large warning sign alerting not to make this person ANGRY. This design has an incredibly, explosive composition. The large rays show movement and create a nice debry halo effect around the muscular figure. The visual elements are justly contained within the triangle warning sign and on a bright green shirt.

Thank You Lee Byway

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03/23/14 Top 3 Pick; Alice

The somber color scheme portrays this imaginative daydream as grim. The timeless clocks and trees have a Dali quality to them. The organic elements in the design, like the thorny vines and gaunt limbs on the trees, are enthralling and pull Alice and the viewer towards the center and through the looking glass into Wonderland.

Thank You Nados

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