04/02/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Designs


04/02/14 Top 3 Pick; X-MON

This must be Professor Oak’s School for Gifted Poketrainers! Pikachu is doing his/her best Storm impression and Squirtle is a perfect fit for the brash, young Bobby Drake (aka Iceman). The different elements are shown in action and a wonderful dynamic composition. Rendered in solid bright colors with bold outlines, the design is captivating.

Thank You Harebrained

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04/02/14 Top 3 Pick; Charface

As Tony Montana said, “Say goodnight to the bad guy”. Actually, don’t go to bed at all with this creepy mash up! The design contains a very clever tagline combining both subject matter. The high contrast is alarming. The figures bright white knife fingers on the stark black background is intense. Wonderful use of textures, from the scary melting burned face to worn, ragged sweater.

Thank You Mephias

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04/02/14 Top 3 Pick; Free Gyarados

Remember all those hours you’d spend grinding your Magikarp knowing it would all be worth it in the end? You’d get the awesome Gyrados for all your trouble and that definitely felt like a whale of a challenge! Epic dynamic composition. This design contains a wonderful upward motion due to the wave and side spray. The creature captures most of the attention by being portrayed in detail over the simple figure in silhouette.

Thank You ADHO1982

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