11/19/2014 Top Post – Daily Shirt Designs


11/19/14 Top Pick; Relativity

Interstellar was just a wonderful and amazing experience. A must watch on the big screen. So, if you haven’t watched this movie yet (what’s wrong with you!?) go head, get in your car, drive to the theater, and prepare to be delighted for the next 3 hours. Side note, if you cry during movies bring a box of tissues or two. Trust me!

snowflake Color –  I love the rich earth tones used in this design. Not only do they reflect the maze of books in the movie, but also Earth and humanity.

snowflake Composition – Balanced bilateral symmetry that gives the erratic lines stability.

snowflake Lines and forms – I really enjoy the simple geometry forms that make up the center part of the design. They fall nicely creating an interesting positive space in the field above the helmet. Then they run down to develop the round shape of the helmet. The lines continue down to form interesting drips that mimic the top creating repetition.

I’d also like to give a shout out for depicting Matthew McConaughey so well using simple blocks of color. Kudos!

Thank You DannyHaas

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