01.09.2016 | TOP PICKS Daily Shirt Designs

Hey Guys! Saturday night blogging, here are my Top Picks.

19806showing.jpegout of 5.


01.09.2016 | Anatomy of a Snow

Concept – 19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg

Execution (no pun intended) – 19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg

Thank You, Rafu!



01.09.2016 | Shadows of Suspense

Composition – 19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg

Concept – 19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg

Execution – 19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg19806showing.jpeg

Thank You, Mmarcin!

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