02.01.2016 | TOP PICKS Daily Shirt Designs

It’s February already! January had some awesome shirts. So many shirts, so little money. Let’s see what February has to offer, so stay tuned for my top picks! Stars 19806showing.jpegout of 5.

Remember, Click on the shirt name to visit the website to purchase the shirt. Click on the Artist name to like/follow their page.


02.01.2016 | Beyond the Oracle

Love this style of animating.

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Color – 19806showing_small19806showing_small

Composition – 19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, The Gorgonist!



02.01.2016 | Jack’s Caretaker Services

Love those eyebrows, almost as creepy as Jack’s.

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Color – 19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, Mike Handy Art!



02.01.2016 | Always Protector (Snape)

Nice monochromatic glow effect.

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small

Color – 19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, Alienbiker23!

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