11/25/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

So many awesome shirt, so little time. I looked through the different sites today and surprisingly found many designs I liked. I was working on a commissioned piece pretty heavily today for a quick turn around. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to blog today. But I will at least share my favs.


11/25/14 Top Pick: The Capitol’s Downfall

Thank You BustedTees

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11/25/14 Top Pick: 80’s Big Daddy

Thank You StudioM6

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11/25/14 Top Pick: 80’s Dark Side

Thank You StudioM6

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11/25/14 Top Pick: 80’S I’ll Be Back

Thank You StudioM6

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11/25/14 Top Pick: Harley Quinn

Thank You Truly Epic

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11/25/14 Top Pick: No One’s Slave

Thank You Tim Shumate

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10/10/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

teeglobe_flora-colossus_1412972060.full - Copy

10/10/2014 Top Pick; Flora Colossus

pumpkin icon Composition – Wonderful organic forms set in a balanced geometric composition.

pumpkin icon Color – I really enjoy these earthy tones with a pop of bright green to make the design glow.

pumpkin icon Lines and Forms –  The strokes within the Groot figure add detail and interest.

Thank You! MareveDesign

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10/10/2014 Top Pick; Evil Card

pumpkin icon Composition – Nice use of bilateral symmetry to portray duality and the Evil Queen of Hearts’ mirrored image.

pumpkin icon Lines and Forms – Well formed blocks of solid colors, which nicely portray both characters.

Thank You! EdWoody

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07/16/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

Gah! I am going to go broke solely on Megan Lara Shirts!


“It serves me right for wishing on stars. The ONLY way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.” Princess Tiana is definitely one of my favorite Princesses!

07/16/14 Top Pick; Almost There

star Composition – Simple yet effective and elegant composition. The beautiful figure is surrounded by a detailed frame.

star Color – Wonderful earth tones married wonderfully with Princess Tiana’s gorgeous skin tones, both human AND frog! I really enjoy this design on the dark chocolate and military green option. (I bought the green!)

star Lines and Forms – Beautifully detailed frame using organic quality lines. There is also a lovely play with positive and negative spaces.

Thank You Megan Lara

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07/16/14 Top Pick; Highland Tapestry

star Composition – Again, simple, effective, and elegant composition. The beautiful figure is surrounded by another detailed frame. I am definitely a fan of this series of princess portraits!

star Color – Wonderful play with warm fiery colors and cool tones.

star Lines and Forms – Merida’s wild hair lends to the organic free-flowing typical Art Nouveau locks.

Thank You Megan Lara

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07/16/14 Top Pick; Oogie Boogie

star Color – Dark, creepy green tones on a black background give this disembodied hooded face an instant horror feel. I really enjoy the highlights used to create dimension.

star Texture – Very spooky, rough potato sack texture you can almost feel. (The character gives me goosebumps!)

Thank You Francis Arcega

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06/27/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

What do you know?!?! A Doctor Who Day!


06/27/14 Top Pick; The Girl Who Waited

star Composition – Beautifully balanced composition. The left and right side are not exact mirror images but are very similar and nicely balanced in color and form.

star Lines and Forms – I really enjoy the impressionist style details in the background paired with the nouveau style frame.

Thank You OfficeInk

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06/27/14 Top Pick; Falling

star Concept – Wonderful concept created by mashing up Doctor Who and Alice in Wonderland which deal with the change of time and space.

star Lines and Forms – I really enjoy the sketch like quality of the lines in the background. Bold and expressive, they convey character and detail.

Thank You Karen Hallion

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04/26/2014 Top 3 Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


04/26/14  Top 3 Pick: Let Me In

A truly awe-inspiring piece. Frozen has become an instant classic and one of the best Disney films of the decade. Here we have the two main protagonists who happen to be sisters but couldn’t be more different. The reserved and icy Elsa foils her bubbly and outgoing counterpart. The design nicely portrays each character’s traits visually including season and personality. As we all remember though, true love binds these siblings together, and of course true love can thaw even a Frozen heart!

Thank You Megan Lara

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04/26/14  Top 3 Pick: The Overlook Hotel Flashback

Welcome to The Overlook! Where you can stay forever… and ever… and ever. Ask for room 237 and receive a special low rate! Fascinating geometric patterns from the hotel can be found nicely translated on to this shirt design (carpet pattern, the hedge maze, etc.). The design is in a simple, single color with wonderful text and image integration.

Thank You DT

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04/26/14  Top 3 Pick: Buffalo Bill’s Body Lotion

Have you tried Buffalo Bill’s Body Lotion? THEN YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT MOISTURE IS! Whether you’re a size 14 or not, nothing screams hydration like Buffalo Bill’s! Appealing center placement of a nicely rendered death moth. I enjoy the font selection and corner ornamentation which gives the design an old medicine bottle or elixir label feel.

Thank You FiveFingerTees

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04/22/2014 Top 3 Pick – Daily Shirt Designs


04/22/14 Top 3 Pick; Rapunzel Nouveau

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair. This wonderfully long and tangled, rope like mane creates a beautifully nouveau frame. I highly fancy this color palette. The cool blues and bright purples create a glowing evening scene. The hazy wash effect in the background and light circles look magical. The figure’s face seems to glow in delight.

Thank You Nana Leonti

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04/22/14 Top 3 Pick; Hold Me

“Before he came down here, it never snowed. And afterwards, it did”. This design portrays both figures in a romantic and dark embrace under the snow.  I enjoy the treatment of the highly stylized hair leading to the winding frame.  The figures appear sad and feature elongated bodies creating a somber mood. The gothic, enlarged bladed-hands are almost as long as the figures for emphasis on the impossible touch.

Thank You BTolea

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04/22/14 Top 3 Pick; American Pselfie

“I have all the characteristics of a human being: blood, flesh, skin, hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust…” I’d add vanity to that list Mr. Bateman! This gruesome selfie appears to be an homage to a certain sex scene from American Psycho where Patrick appears more interested in his own appearance. Well illustrated muscular torso that this psycho would be proud of. Interesting and simple blood splatter background. Nice foreshortening used to place this figure in the infamous pose. I highly enjoy the small slice detail used on the typography in the foreground.

Thank You SilverBax

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04/20/2014 Easter Eggs – Shirt Design Awards 3/9/14 – 4/19/14!

Hello loyal readers and Happy Easter!

Welcome to my “Easter Eggs” design awards. Today I decided to take a break from the daily shirt grind and hand out some individual awards. Over the last month, there have been a ton of amazing shirts! I wanted take a day to recognize those designs that really made me stop and marvel. Think of it like bringing these designs back to life in the spirit of the Easter Holiday! Enjoy!


Category: Best Concept


03/24/14 Top 3 Pick; Boom
Thank You Jimiyo


03/28/14 Top 3 Pick; Biotropolis
Thank You Jak_Gibberish


04/02/14 Top 3 Pick; X-MON
Thank You Harebrained




Jak_Gibberish’s “Biotropolis”


Category: Best Execution


04/11/14 Top 3 Pick; Justice
Thank You Tom Trager


03/12/14 Top 3Pick; Time Lord Comics
Thank You CreativeOutpouring


04/12/2014 Top 3 Pick; Always
Thank You Megan Lara




Tom Trager’s “Justice”


Category: Most Comical


03/21/14 Top 3 Pick; Captain ‘Murica
Thank You TeeTurtle


03/25/14 Top 3 Pick; B is for Blood Sugar
Thank You BustedTees


04/09/14 Top 3 Pick; Shikaka
Thank You Punksthetic




BustedTees’ “B is for Blood Sugar”



Okay, so I was really bummed that these shirts didn’t make the cut or fit into any of my categories. Think of these as my “honorable mentions” if you will. The point is, I really love these shirts and I can’t explain why!


04/13/14 Top 3 Pick; Ice Cream Queen
Thank You MedusaDollmaker


04/18/2014 Top 3 Pick; Ack Ack Ack
Thank You Buzatron


04/03/14 Top 3 Pick; L’Opera Della Diva
Thank You Penguinstein

I want to give a shout out to ALL the designs I’ve had the pleasure of covering since I started this blog. Without creative talent like the artists featured today, my blog would have no reason to exist. Thanks to all the artists, followers, and anyone who has checked out jjlockhARTdesign. Stay tuned for more daily shirt reviews and coming soon, “from website to doorstep” reviews!

04/03/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Designs


04/03/14 Top 3 Pick; L’Opera Della Diva

Tall… b-b-blue… With this shirt, you too can be the winner of the Gemini Croquette contest! This realistic render of the Diva has amazing details. The beautiful blue tones flesh out this elegant foreign body. The antiquated yellow and gold on the nouveau background gives the design a wonderful old opera house aesthetic. Bravo!

Thank You Penguinstein

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04/03/14 Top 3 Pick; Antique Adventurer

Warning! Do not look directly at this design for too long or you might suffer the same fate from Raiders of the Lost Ark. This design is face-meltingly awesome! The jungle print background is visually intriguing. Indiana Jones’ silhouette is handled in two different poses but both flow organically on one another. His bright orange sidekick in the foreground brings out the orange tones in the upper part of the design, making the eyes venture around.

Thank You Arinesart

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04/03/14 Top 3 Pick; The Great Fox Four

Fox, Falco, Peppy, and Slippy are all here. There’s no other team I’d rather fly with into an asteroid field! Wonderful use of color to create depth of field.  The use of that bright yellow jumps out against the blues. The line work in the design is beautiful and humanist. Just don’t forget to do a barrel roll!

Thank You Nicole Martin

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03/14/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Designs


03/14/14 Top 3 Pick: Obey Khaleesi

Bold, empowering symbol. Head of her own movement “with fire and blood” to take back Westeros and rule. This classic Shepard Fairey propaganda style demands attention. This shirt comes in 3 different color options, red, pink and blue. I enjoy the design on red best. On a red background the figure’s hair looks like fire adding to the theme of mother of dragons. The artist was able to reach a high level of facial details with simply, will formed color shapes.

Thank You Tom Trager

Buy This Shirt! Obey Khaleesi


03/14/14 Top 3 Picks; Star Power

Great Action Adventure design! Having the hero standing tall with his lady in distress lower by his side in the foreground visually conquers the villain in the background. The artist did a great job of using the iconic Star Wars image and effectively working the foreground, mid ground and background. Beautiful color scheme. The soft colors, specially the teal on the dark blue, and minimal use of lines in the mid ground gives it a misty, haze effect exhibiting aerial perspective. The large scale villain in the background visually represents the epic task to vanquish.

Thank You Creative Outpouring
Buy This Shirt! Star Power


03/14/14 Top 3 Picks; Soul Mates

Watch out men! This shirt definitely contains the art of seduction. Gorgeous forms in flirty posses, with smooth doll like faces. Using cool color tones and a wonderful gradation of colors to display high detail. The color palette pops by using the bright teal to highlight in contract with the deep indigo for shadows. Detailed, geometric, art nouveau backdrop filled with horror references.

Thank You Megan Lara

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