12/17/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


12/17/14 Top Pick; Vamping Beauty

snowflake Lines and Forms – What an alluring beauty! I love how the lines in her hair are mimicked in the lines of the roses around her.

snowflake Color – I really enjoy the deep, bloody red and brown tones.

Thank You Emilie Boisvert

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12/17/14 Top Pick; Kill Them All

snowflake Composition – Wonderful use of negative and positive space. The three negative space figures create a balanced triangular shape around the yellow glowing head.

snowflake Color – The deep muscle red contrasts well with the golden sun yellow.

Thank You Tom Trager

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09/23/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


09/23/14 Top Pick; Attack on Asgard

star Composition –  Wonderful use of the flying cape and bright ground to balance the bright moon in the sky.

star Lines and Forms – Nice articulation of Thor’s figure and the mountains above.

Thank You DJKopet

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09/23/14 Top Pick; Red Skull Whisky

star Composition – Wonderfully basic, balanced composition. The wheat stalks create a nice detail for the frame.

star Color Scheme – I really enjoy this warm antique color combination.

Thank You ccourts1

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09/23/14 Top Pick; Attack on the Future

star Composition – I really enjoy the beam of light which nicely unites the top half to the bottom half of the composition.

star Color Scheme – Wonderful use of bright reds and purples to really give the almost monotone foreground perspective.

Thank You Six Eyed Monster

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09/23/14 Top Pick; KroolAid

star Color Scheme – Wonderful mix of warm and cool tones.

star Lines and Forms – Wonderfully bold and stylized.

Thank You BreastWreck

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04/28/2014 Top 3 Pick – Daily Shirt Designs


04/28/14 Top 3 Pick; Attack on Dinosaur – Red

“T-Rex doesn’t want to be fed. He wants to hunt.” Just like the titans, this dinosaur is busting through the wall and ready to eat some unsuspecting humans! This red monotone design captures the terror, the fear of the moment. I enjoy the large T-Rex head dominating the top center. Having both the dinosaur’s head and the main human figure both in focus creates tension. The rest of the design, including the T-Rex’s body is out of focus and hazy which creates depth and is wonderfully descriptive without taking away from the emotion between the man and the dinosaur. The small highlight of white also nicely leads the eye between both figures. I also enjoy that the wall motif is not forced upon this design, but is a natural part of the design and occurs in the film. Kudos!

Thank You  Justyna Dorsz

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04/28/14 Top 3 Pick; Yellow King Coming

“Do you wonder ever if you’re a bad man?” “No. I don’t wonder, Marty. World needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door.” Wonderfully intriguing spiral pattern, both to the detectives solving the cases and as a pattern on a shirt design. I enjoy this “dream catcher”-like composition. The wild strokes resemble sticks and twigs used to create this intricate handcrafted frame. The color gradation nicely shows aerial depth. The mysterious, yellow-colored haze hovers above calling attention. This”yellow king” looms above Rust and Marty, casting a shadow over their domain.

Thank You Dr Simon Butler

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04/28/14 Top 3 Pick; Braille Devil

Hey, justice is supposed to be blind right? I very much enjoy the circular waves behind the figure. They appear to be sound waves, which Daredevil’s heightened senses detect as a sort of “echo location”, due to his blindness. Wonderful braille pattern incorporated in the design fits the character’s motif. Very clever!

Thank You TeeMinus24

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04/07/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Designs


04/07/14 Top 3 Pick; Mother of Dragons

Mhysa! If I were a slave in Game of Thrones, this is one tattoo I wouldn’t mind having! This is a classic Sailor Jerry tattoo style design. It’s a simple design composed of thick outlines with basic colors and bold shading on an antique cream color base.

Thank You davequiggle

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04/07/14 Top 3 Pick; Wings of Freedom

Whether you’re a scout, in the garrison, or just a new recruit, it seems death is coming for you. Humanity is not safe. Not from the titans. Not from itself.  This stable composition nicely combines the various objects. While the gray-green tones set a hopeless mood.

Thank You Crumblincookie

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04/07/14 Top 3 Pick; Winter’s Coming

Watch out Cap, the Winter Soldier is coming! This is a wonderfully timed mash up, pitting the season premiere of Game of Thrones with the weekend release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I can’t imagine this villain would go over well with the Marvel Universe’s own Stark, Tony Stark! Very nice rendering of the figure using dark tones on black. Wonderfully detailed guns radiating in the background are a wonderful sword substitute.

Thank You Gentleman Bob

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04/01/2014 Top 3 Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


04/01/14 Top 3 Pick; Titan

Remember the original Titan, Andre the Giant? This design is a wonderful callback to the original Fairey “Obey” design. The Titan’s face is large  and close up. It’s rendered in solid outlines, in a grayscale color palette. The bold red box stands out on the gray head. The design is squarely contained in a large tall rectangle demanding to by obeyed.

Thank You Buzatron

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04/01/14 Top 3 Pick; Rabbit Hole

“You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” Okay, this isn’t a mash up with The Matrix but the reference still seemed appropriate because the red in this design really pops!  This dream like design features a sweet large white bunny, with a big soft round eye. The gentleman rabbit wears a detailed fabric garment complete with a pocket watch. The white roses seem to drip with red paint. Meanwhile, the interesting winding thorny tendrils pull you in.

Thank You MedusaDollymaker

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04/01/14 Top 3 Pick; Inspector Spacetime

Looks like I can finally pick a Doctor Who shirt without having to talk about a Doctor Who shirt! This handsome design is actually a reference to a Doctor Who parody from the tv show, Community. I enjoy the star-space texture on the figure’s suit. The design contains nice, fine outlines around the space texture and gears to create a deco style background. The tall, serif letter forms fit nicely with the design. The blue and gold tones make this design stand out.

Thank You Violinsane

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03/26/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Designs


03/26/14 Top 3 Pick; Back to the Future Past

Looks like Logan is about to head back in time to save us all, 88 mph style! I think it’s safe to say the future is in worse shape than the Earth’s gravitational pull – heavy! Don’t pass off on this shirt. Offered in tahiti blue, charchoal, and silver I enjoy the blue option most. Visually, I enjoy the warm tones againt the cool blues. Pleasant color block shapes and bold shading in a wonderful bubble composition. Interesting selection of the artist to protray Wolverine as the comic book version, rather than the live-action Hugh Jackman. This decision lends beautifully to positioning the figure in a similar pose to Marty with his hands on his head looking down at the time.

Thank You Strongstuff

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03/26/14 Top 3 Pick; Another Titan in The Wall

“All in all we’re just another brick in Wall Rose“. Well, maybe that’s not the exact lyric but it fits this clever design! Something tells me these Titans wouldn’t care too much for pudding but would certainly eat their share of meat (human that is). Awesome white shirt design! While not very common, the design does a nice job of using the white background. It looks clean with thin delicate lines to represent the bricks of the wall. The warm flesh tones in contrast, appear to peak from the center. The wrinkles on the skinless Titan creates a different texture against the flat white. The use of simple perspective gives the effect that there is a Titan in the wall, behind the bricks and ready to break out from the shirt.

Thank You CatchABrick

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03/26/14 Top 3 Pick; The Shindig Dress

Shiny! Even nerdy girls can dream, right? Kaylee is a gearhead at heart but that won’t stop her from playing the part! The figure is easily recognized wearing her  jumpsuit and looks ready to play dress-up. The pink dress is wonderfully detailed with many folds and creases. The figure stands in a minimal background, although enough information is given to provide reference. This nicely keeps the focal point on the figure and the dress. The artist creates visual interest by using the mirror to reveal the front of dress and Kaylee’s face.

Thank You Karen Hallion

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