04/07/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Designs


04/07/14 Top 3 Pick; Mother of Dragons

Mhysa! If I were a slave in Game of Thrones, this is one tattoo I wouldn’t mind having! This is a classic Sailor Jerry tattoo style design. It’s a simple design composed of thick outlines with basic colors and bold shading on an antique cream color base.

Thank You davequiggle

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04/07/14 Top 3 Pick; Wings of Freedom

Whether you’re a scout, in the garrison, or just a new recruit, it seems death is coming for you. Humanity is not safe. Not from the titans. Not from itself.  This stable composition nicely combines the various objects. While the gray-green tones set a hopeless mood.

Thank You Crumblincookie

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04/07/14 Top 3 Pick; Winter’s Coming

Watch out Cap, the Winter Soldier is coming! This is a wonderfully timed mash up, pitting the season premiere of Game of Thrones with the weekend release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I can’t imagine this villain would go over well with the Marvel Universe’s own Stark, Tony Stark! Very nice rendering of the figure using dark tones on black. Wonderfully detailed guns radiating in the background are a wonderful sword substitute.

Thank You Gentleman Bob

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