05/29/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/29/14 Top Pick; Game of Pockets

starCreativity – Wonderful way to portray these Game of Thrones characters with their animals.

starExecution – Daenerys, Robb, and Joffrey are easily recognizable while also looking like Pokémon trainers.

Thank You WearViral

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05/29/14 Top Pick; Kitty The Fool

starComical – Interesting mash-up of the big, tough Mr. T as the cute bubbly Hello Kitty. Comical play on words.

starExecution – Nice clean rounded lines and bold block colors that represent the Hello Kitty aesthetic.

Thank You Manospd

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05/29/14 Top Pick; Marshmallow Terror

starComposition – The Stay Puft Marshmallow man towers over the silhouette of the little heroes dominating the design.

starColor scheme – Wonderful bold colors and very nice use of half tones.

starExecution – Effectively looks like a comic book cover. Super interesting, I would enjoy reading this comic. I also really enjoy  the building. It is nicely outlined and created out of the negative space.

starTypography – Type looks great! The various fonts look great together. I really like the lower right curved block of text.

Thank You Manuel.Peters

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05/29/14 Top Pick; Back to the Firehouse

starColor Scheme –  I really enjoy the combination of the warm orange-brown with the cool gray-blue. The colors work together nicely and offer the contrast of both warmth and cool. I also really enjoy the yellow glow of the Ecto Trap.

starTexture – Wonderful stippling texture of the background and foreground ecto glow. The nice deep wrinkles in the jumpsuits are descriptive and also add wonderful texture.

starComposition – I really enjoy the angle in which the scene is set. It keeps the design dynamic and also nicely showcases the Ecto-1 vehicle and the three men.

starExecution – Nicely resembles the Back to the Future poster. All three men are easily recognizable as Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis.

Thank You NinjaInk

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05/29/14 Top Pick; Princess

star Color Scheme – Wonderful shades of gray with a pop of bright red. I really enjoy the washy light gray background giving the design a sense of aerial perspective.

starTexture – I love the white wild wiry lines in the foreground that suggest tall grass. The light gray water-color splash within the moon are amazing.

starContrast – Wonderful play with positive and negative space.

Thank You Karmazero

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05/29/14 Top Pick; Greyjoy’s Hot Dogs

star Comical – While dark and sad, the design has its own comical charm.

starExecution – Design looks similar to the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs design. Simple clean design that almost requires a second look to catch the message.

Thank You RobGo

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05/27/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

Okay, first of all I want to thank everyone who is supporting and reading my blog! Second, I want to explain how busy I’ve been lately. Outside of this blog I have a full-time job, do freelance design and photography, and have a 2-year old daughter. I know, “woe is me”, right?

Anyway, I’m trying something a little different to simplify things so I can get these posts done faster while maintaining quality and the daily post quota.

Still with me? Awesome! I hope you enjoy the posts going forward with the new format. I’ll still be posting more “Website to doorstep reviews” but those take a lot of time. Stay tuned!!!



05/27/14 Top Pick; Tiny Dark Tower

star Creativity  – Interesting Tiny Tower and Lord of the Rings concept. I enjoy the little scenes within each level.

star Execution – Nice pixel art design with a wonderful amount of details on the simplified figures.

star Color Scheme – Wonderful color combinations on the warm gray background.


Thank You Spiritgreen & Oakenspirit

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05/27/14 Top Pick; Dragon

star Figures – Both figures are rendered very nicely in a sketch like quality.

star Composition – Wonderful asymmetric design. The larger “Mother of Dragons” head is nicely balanced with the smaller, darker Khal Drogo head.

star Texture –  Smooth pen and ink texture with interesting ink blots on a light gray background.

star Complexity – Great thin lines and dynamic angles in the figure’s hair develop a baby dragon.


Thank You 2mzdesign

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05/02/2014 Top 3 Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/02/14 Top 3 Pick; Bamfperture

It’s Kurt Wagner, otherwise known as “The Amazing Nightcrawler”! This blue-skinned mutant looks perfectly at home teleporting through one of these Portals. No Aperture Science hardware required! His dark skin and outfit are nicely rendered out of the black negative space. Simple blue highlights accent his skin while the red trim with white hands complete the figure’s outline. His bottom half hanging out the bottom of the other portal is nicely highlighted in orange with the red bottom trim and white feet. I very much enjoy the composition of the design. I like that the figure seems to pop out of the top center portal, while his bottom half is in a position where  it can’t possibly be connected, unless  maybe you’re a contortionist!

Thank You Chemabola8

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05/02/14 Top 3 Pick; D.T.

SPOILER ALERT! Daenerys Targaryen (D.T.) has three dragons! Okay, so hopefully that wasn’t a spoiler, but seeing her ride Drogon sure is! She is accompanied by his brothers, Viserion and Rhaegal. They seem to be taking a midnight path-of-destruction flight. The cool, white-blue moon is large and appealing and central to the design. The silhouette of the dragons are nicely rendered and highlighted by the light of the large moon. I love how the warmth of the embers seem to come and delineate the tree line.

Thank You Crumble Cookie

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05/02/14 Top 3 Pick; Game of Clones

Anakin may not be the most honorable (or likable), but he’s doing his best impression of Game of Thrones‘ Eddard Stark. As Darth Vader, he certainly does play the “hand of the king” to Emperor Palpatine. Here’s an interesting thought. Worse leader? Palpatine? Or Joffrey? I really enjoy the glow of the lightsaber dead center. Wonderful use of grays to etch out the scene. His dark outfit and helmet are nicely highlighted by the Stark (see what I did there) white giving it a shine. Interesting and appropriate round window view background. It is cleverly made up of negative space.

Thank You Studown

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03/14/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Designs


03/14/14 Top 3 Pick: Obey Khaleesi

Bold, empowering symbol. Head of her own movement “with fire and blood” to take back Westeros and rule. This classic Shepard Fairey propaganda style demands attention. This shirt comes in 3 different color options, red, pink and blue. I enjoy the design on red best. On a red background the figure’s hair looks like fire adding to the theme of mother of dragons. The artist was able to reach a high level of facial details with simply, will formed color shapes.

Thank You Tom Trager

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03/14/14 Top 3 Picks; Star Power

Great Action Adventure design! Having the hero standing tall with his lady in distress lower by his side in the foreground visually conquers the villain in the background. The artist did a great job of using the iconic Star Wars image and effectively working the foreground, mid ground and background. Beautiful color scheme. The soft colors, specially the teal on the dark blue, and minimal use of lines in the mid ground gives it a misty, haze effect exhibiting aerial perspective. The large scale villain in the background visually represents the epic task to vanquish.

Thank You Creative Outpouring
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03/14/14 Top 3 Picks; Soul Mates

Watch out men! This shirt definitely contains the art of seduction. Gorgeous forms in flirty posses, with smooth doll like faces. Using cool color tones and a wonderful gradation of colors to display high detail. The color palette pops by using the bright teal to highlight in contract with the deep indigo for shadows. Detailed, geometric, art nouveau backdrop filled with horror references.

Thank You Megan Lara

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