05/27/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

Okay, first of all I want to thank everyone who is supporting and reading my blog! Second, I want to explain how busy I’ve been lately. Outside of this blog I have a full-time job, do freelance design and photography, and have a 2-year old daughter. I know, “woe is me”, right?

Anyway, I’m trying something a little different to simplify things so I can get these posts done faster while maintaining quality and the daily post quota.

Still with me? Awesome! I hope you enjoy the posts going forward with the new format. I’ll still be posting more “Website to doorstep reviews” but those take a lot of time. Stay tuned!!!



05/27/14 Top Pick; Tiny Dark Tower

star Creativity  – Interesting Tiny Tower and Lord of the Rings concept. I enjoy the little scenes within each level.

star Execution – Nice pixel art design with a wonderful amount of details on the simplified figures.

star Color Scheme – Wonderful color combinations on the warm gray background.


Thank You Spiritgreen & Oakenspirit

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05/27/14 Top Pick; Dragon

star Figures – Both figures are rendered very nicely in a sketch like quality.

star Composition – Wonderful asymmetric design. The larger “Mother of Dragons” head is nicely balanced with the smaller, darker Khal Drogo head.

star Texture –  Smooth pen and ink texture with interesting ink blots on a light gray background.

star Complexity – Great thin lines and dynamic angles in the figure’s hair develop a baby dragon.


Thank You 2mzdesign

Buy This Shirt! Dragon

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