07.14.2020 | TOP PICKS Daily Shirt Designs

Design reviews and links below. Stars 19806showing_smallout of 5


Inked Mutant Collection

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Composition – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Color – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

thanks Soulkr!

Indoor Cat

Concept – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thanks DinoMike!

Grand Racing Kart

Composition – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank you Redbug!


Concept – a general notion or idea

Render – to represent, depict, as in drawing or painting, the ability or skill to represent an idea using an image

Composition – the act of combining parts or elements to form a whole. The manner of being composed; structure.

Color – overall color palette. The quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by measurement of hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light; saturation or chroma; hue.

Linework – Quality of lines produced, variety or contrast of thickness, clean, or expressive.

Typography – The art or process of expression through type and letterforms.

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Experiment X | Digital Illustration, Logan and Laura

Experiment X | Digital Illustration, Logan and Laura 

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Digital illustration of Logan and Laura, inspired by the movie Logan.

Experiment X – Prints and items with finished piece available on my Red Bubble Shop!


– Surface Pro
– Adobe Premiere Pro
– Manga Studio 5


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05.27.2016 | TOP PICKS Daily Shirt Designs

A bunch of interesting designs available today. Most inspired by movies out this weekend. Stars out of 5.


05.27.2016 | Four Horsemen

Shirt Punch is including a little Wolverine figurine with shirt purchase.

Wonderful value scale. Deep darks and bright highlights make the characters pop. Regardless of the large amount of characters featured, the artist did a wonderful job of composing this piece. Each character receives a good amount of attention and the overall composition leads the view’s eye around nicely.

Composition – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Color – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, Vptrinidad!


05.27.2016 | A Mad Universe

Whimsical, simple stylization of forms and shapes.

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Composition – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, PaulaGarcia!


05.27.2016 | Down a Rabbit Hole

Wonderful simple, bold shapes. The geometry of the playing cards nicely conveys the feeling of falling down the rabbit hole.

Composition – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, UrsulaLopez!


05.27.2016 | Valar Morghulis

We are already halfway thru season 6, unbelievable! Very interesting season thus far.

I extremely enjoy how the texture of the typography mimics the texture applied to the wings.

Texture – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, Dr. Monekers!

09/23/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


09/23/14 Top Pick; Attack on Asgard

star Composition –  Wonderful use of the flying cape and bright ground to balance the bright moon in the sky.

star Lines and Forms – Nice articulation of Thor’s figure and the mountains above.

Thank You DJKopet

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09/23/14 Top Pick; Red Skull Whisky

star Composition – Wonderfully basic, balanced composition. The wheat stalks create a nice detail for the frame.

star Color Scheme – I really enjoy this warm antique color combination.

Thank You ccourts1

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09/23/14 Top Pick; Attack on the Future

star Composition – I really enjoy the beam of light which nicely unites the top half to the bottom half of the composition.

star Color Scheme – Wonderful use of bright reds and purples to really give the almost monotone foreground perspective.

Thank You Six Eyed Monster

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09/23/14 Top Pick; KroolAid

star Color Scheme – Wonderful mix of warm and cool tones.

star Lines and Forms – Wonderfully bold and stylized.

Thank You BreastWreck

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