05.27.2016 | TOP PICKS Daily Shirt Designs

A bunch of interesting designs available today. Most inspired by movies out this weekend. Stars out of 5.


05.27.2016 | Four Horsemen

Shirt Punch is including a little Wolverine figurine with shirt purchase.

Wonderful value scale. Deep darks and bright highlights make the characters pop. Regardless of the large amount of characters featured, the artist did a wonderful job of composing this piece. Each character receives a good amount of attention and the overall composition leads the view’s eye around nicely.

Composition – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Color – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, Vptrinidad!


05.27.2016 | A Mad Universe

Whimsical, simple stylization of forms and shapes.

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Composition – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, PaulaGarcia!


05.27.2016 | Down a Rabbit Hole

Wonderful simple, bold shapes. The geometry of the playing cards nicely conveys the feeling of falling down the rabbit hole.

Composition – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, UrsulaLopez!


05.27.2016 | Valar Morghulis

We are already halfway thru season 6, unbelievable! Very interesting season thus far.

I extremely enjoy how the texture of the typography mimics the texture applied to the wings.

Texture – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, Dr. Monekers!

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