03/09/2014 Top 3 shirts of the day


03/09/14 top 3 pick; Westeros Story

I would feel oh so pretty in this tee. I enjoy the simplicity of this design. Being able to convey a message using simple shapes and limiting the palette to 2 single colors is challenging at times. The design visually conveys The West Side Story cover and the events of the Game of Thrones show. I also happen to look good in Red.

Thank you Gordon Brebner Designs

buy the shirt!  Westeros Story


03/09/14 top 3 pick; Ye Old Butcher Shoppe

Scary! The design has very nice details including the scare factor. I can almost feel the Chainsaw! Very nice typography imitating The Best Little Whore House in Texas. I enjoy the earth tones of the design on both back and brown options.

Thank you FlatTop Frankie

Buy This Shirt! Ye Old Butcher Shoppe


03/09/14 top 3 pick; A Link to the future

From the choice of weapon to the mode of transportation and wardrobe; the artist did a very nice job of mashing up Marty McFly and Link’s appearances.  A clever title nicely communicated by the design. I also may have selected this shirt since The Back to the Future Trilogy are some of my all time favorite movies!

Thank You Fanboy30

Buy This Shirt! A Link To The Future

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