03/10/14 Top 3 Picks of The Day


03/10/2014 Top 3 Pick; Inara’s Shuttle of Love

Sultry, dark, sexy and smoky. Very nice composition, nice lines and forms. The royal shades of purple and gold give that design a rich glowing seduction.

A companion chooses her own clients, that’s guild law. But physical appearance doesn’t matter so terribly ,you look for a compatibility of spirit.“―Inara describing how she chooses her clients

Thank You Bamboota

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03/10/2014 Top 3 Pick; Game of Thrones A- Z

Fun and Educational! I enjoy this shirt very much. The artist nicely personified each letter. The details and the use of the positive and negative space of each letter character nicely illustrates the Game Of Thrones characters. I am also definitely counting down the days ’til April 6th! Season 4 starts!!

Thank You Mike Boon

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03/10/2014 Top 3 Pick; Hunter For Hire

I would definitely hire a Boba Fett Jäger for alien extermination. While I love the complete design there some changes I would personally make. I feel the starry background and “outer rim” is not necessary and detract from the overall design, sometimes less is more.  Just the figure and the typography and the foreground is quiet delightful. I still really ejoy the design and the subject matter.


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