03/25/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Designs


03/25/14 Top 3 Pick; Come On, Mr. Bubbles!

Would you kindly check out this design? This scene depicts a rare moment of tenderness in Rapture between a Big Daddy and his Little Sister. Don’t get between this odd couple or you’ll be swimming with the fishes, literally! The nice elongated design portrays deep submersion. Simple gradation of teal tones on a dark blue background gives it an underwater feel. I enjoy the touch of yellow in the center of the design. The yellow leads the eye straight to the center first, then around and back to the center. The characters are skillfully shaped out of the negative space.

Thank You filiskun

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03/25/14 Top 3 Pick; Meth City

Wonderful mash up of two series known for their anti-heroes. The black and white composition of the design conveys a theme of right and wrong which is prevalent in both franchises. The wonderful dynamic angle in the composition makes the figures appear larger than life. The grouping of the figures set in formation shows hierarchy. The typographic treatment is on point, conveying the dark graphic novel style.

Thank You Punksthetic

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03/25/14 Top 3 Pick; B is for Blood Sugar

I guess that sweet tooth finally came back to haunt Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster! If the letter of the day is B, then the number must be 3 because this is in my top 3! Hilarious shirt design. Using simple flat colors, Cookie Monster’s face is rendered in complete horror. His hands up and fingers spread apart convey a sense of terror. The Count’s hands seem to gently wrap around Cookie Monster, caressing him as he sucks his blood.

Thank You BustedTees

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