03/29/2014 Top 3 Pick- Daily Shirt Designs


03/29/14 Top 3 Pick; Adventure Bike

Embrace your inner man-child with this awesome retro mash up! Just watch out for your arch nemesis, they just might try to steal your shirt! Loners and rebels only! Awesome pixelated look with the use of bold primary colors. The artist adds interest by adding game label components such as the seal and series.

Thank You MikeHandyArt

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03/29/14 Top 3 Pick; Ink Face

A deviously clever Rorschach test! No Face is here to reflect back your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Will you corrupt him with your bath house greed? Or impasse your charity and kindness like Chihiro? The nice dark soot balls come together in this design. The dark ink in contrast to the white background is stark and creates an organic negative space.

Thank You Dr. Simon Butler

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03/29/14 Top 3 Pick; Frozen Kombat

Elsa looks like she’s ready to leap directly into Outworld! Stay on her good side or else you might end up on the wrong side of her Friendship as a snow man! Interesting background filled with crystal shapes and snowflakes. The figure is in a midair “S” pose waving her magical hands.

Thank You Shiny

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