04/13/2014 Top 3 Picks- Daily Shirt Designs


04/13/14 Top 3 Pick; Ice Cream Queen

Do you want to build a sundae? Or was it snowman? Arendelle’s Ice Beauty is nicely portrayed in this whimsical design; her flawless warm face against her cool winding, intricate hair. I enjoy all the wonderful little snow flakes and twirling patterns that add texture. The ornate letter forms are fit for a queen.

Thank You MedusaDollmaker (one of my faves!)

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04/13/14 Top 3 Pick; The Detective

A delightfully dark mash-up of Batman and Dick Tracy! It’s easy to imagine The Dark Knight fighting the organized crime in Tracy’s noir world. It’s not that much different from Gotham! Interesting composition contained within the circular frame. I love the use of negative space with simple solid color shapes to describe the dark figure. Provocative use of basic colors also expressed by Dick Tracy.

Thank You Moysche

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04/13/14 Top 3 Pick; Shakespeare’s Pencil’s

That is the question indeed! A fitting metaphor for a writer. Wonderful content expressed with simple, clean geometric shapes. This comical design has a simple parallel composition with clean sans-serif type.

Thank You ThatRobert

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