05/30/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/30/14 Top Pick; The Evil Fairy

star Composition – Great play with positive and negative space.

star Color Scheme – Bright poison greens nicely develops the scene giving the space dimension.

starForm – Wonderfully wicked pointed forms and shapes that keep the design dynamic and enthralling.

Thank You Pigboom (has the best profile picture EVER!)

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05/30/14 Top Pick; Bounty Hunter

(Geez, another Boba Fett shirt! He’s becoming the Doctor Who of my blog!)

star Color Scheme – The yellows, reds, and greens work well together. I really enjoy the various color splashes and the white highlighting.

starComposition – The helmet side view at a tilt gives the simple content of the design much-needed visual excitement. The mandalorian logo barely peeks out in the background. Awesome detail!

Thank You InkOne

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05/30/14 Top Pick; Castle Grand Prix

(Mario Kart 8 is out! :D!!!)

star Color Scheme – Wonderful warm color palette . I really enjoy the solid bold color shapes and gradients. The highlighting and shading of this design is wonderful.

star Composition – Well developed foreground, mid-ground, and background. Wonderful transition or fade from the block of the design to the shirt. I really enjoy the small details like the mushroom power-up and ramp in the background.

Thank You Wes Talbot

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