02.24.2016| TOP PICKS Daily Shirt Designs

My Top Picks for today! All have wonderful play with positive and negative space.

Stars 19806showing.jpegout of 5.


02.24.2016 | Sky’s the Limit

I really enjoy the heart shape created by the composition.

Composition – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Color – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, RicoMambo!

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.05.28 PM

02.24.2016 | Stay Puft in the City

Ingenious way to use highlights to create the cityscape.

Composition – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Render –19806showing_small19806showing_small

Color – 19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, Dennis Hansbury!

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.07.46 PM

02.24.2016 | Queen of Thrones

Nice pop of purple to create silhouette.

Render – 19806showing_small19806showing_small19806showing_small

Color –19806showing_small19806showing_small

Thank You, Reaper 94 !

06/23/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


06/23/14 Top Pick; Guardian of Gotham

“The Hero Gotham Deserves”

star Composition – Wonderful dynamic angles. I really enjoy all the complex geometric planes.

star Color – Nice expression of space using a simple mono blue scale.


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06/23/14 Top Pick; Guardian of Metropolis

The Man of Steel substitutes a man made out of steel.

star Composition – Great use of geometric planes giving the design a deco aesthetic.

star Concept – This design is very similar to the original Metropolis design only the robot is appropriately altered into Superman.


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06/23/14 Top Pick; Spinner of Spells

“The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But… before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she shall prick her finger, on the spindle of a spinning wheel – AND DIE!”

star Composition – I really enjoy the large dragon image behind the beautiful villain. The heavy purple areas nicely balance Maleficent’s figure.

star Lines and Forms – Great use of positive and negative spaces to render various details within the design.

star Color – I really enjoy the bright purple with the small bright green accents.

Thank You Harantula

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06/23/14 Top Pick; Wildling Encounter

star Concept – Interesting mash-up of characters.

star Lines and Forms – I really enjoy the cute little anime style render of both characters. I also really enjoy the negative space that details the trees in the background, also creating a nice field of depth.

Thank You TeeTurtle

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06/23/14 Top Pick; Gamma Rays

star Concept – Interesting design which visually portrays the smaller Bruce figure trapped within the larger Hulk figure.

star Color – I really enjoy the limited amount of color use to portray the infamous Hulk. The negative space figure within needs no introduction.

star Lines and Forms – The long thin refracted hazy lines are a great way of visually showing the rays. They nicely delineate the Incredible Hulk.

Thank You Steven Lefcourt

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06/23/13 Top Pick; Watch the World Burn

star Composition – Wonderful compositions on the front and back of the shirt! The front has a great sense of dimension. Joker seem to pop out of the background. The back of the shirt in beautifully intricate and balanced and nicely relates to the front of the shirt.

star Lines and Forms – Wonderful amount of line work. Delicate and complex, the devil is in the details ;). Joker’s long grin is jaw dropping.

star Typography – If I didn’t follow this awesome artist of Facebook, I wouldn’t have seen her hand drawn sketches. Her letter forms look this good in her sketches!

Thank You Medusa the Dollmaker

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06/18/2104 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


06/18/14 Top Pick; Bete De L’Apocalypse

Great design depicting Hellboy as a prancing demon, labeled with his real name Anung Un Rama (“Upon his brow is set a crown of flames”).

starColor – Nice creamy light yellow paired with the deep crimson red creates a nice contrast.

starConcept – Interesting concept of having Hellboy look like the infamous French Quina Imp Poster.

Thank You Spicy Monocle

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06/18/14 Top Pick; Headlight Glasses

His side slicked hair, light gray suit, and bright red tie make Pee-Wee easily recognizable.

starComposition – Wonderfully balanced frame around main figure. The horrors of the forest seem to surround poor Pee-Wee.

starLines and Forms – Each animal is nicely formed and rendered in an etch like quality. I really enjoy the bear in the top right. His open mouth and glowing eyes look amazing.

Thank You Dave Quiggle

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06/18/14 Top Pick; Dark Fiction

Both seductively appealing and horned, this is a match made in hell.

starConcept – These two super villains would make an awesome evil team! These two would definitely “shepherd the week though the valley of darkness”.

starLines and Forms – Nice, clean simplified render of both characters.

Thank You Zerobriant

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06/11/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


06/11/14 Top Pick; Mistress of Evil

This dark mistress’ face looks positively angelic! I keep trying to buy this wonder artist’s original pieces but I am always too late! It’s okay. I’ll just keep buying her shirts!

starColor – Wonderful greens and purples on the rich black. I really enjoy the pop of the red-purple collar plumage in contrast to the blue-green of her luminous skin. Her skin highlights sing.

starLines and Forms – Gorgeous, seductive face. Wonderful amount of details to her ornate headdress and jewelry. Interesting Baroque style background. It’s nicely simple so as to not distract from the foreground.

starTexture – Nice shiny gloss texture. Her outfit and head gear looks smooth and shiny like black leather. I really enjoy how her trusty crow hides in the darkness as the highlights reveal its textured feathers.

Thank You Medusa The Dollmaker

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06/01/2014 Maleficent Weekend!




Spoiler Alert!! Stop if you haven’t watched or do not want to be spoiled. You have been warned!



Maleficent was a wonderful retelling of a classic story done through from the perspective of the oft neglected villain. The evil fairy is so much more interesting than the princess as is the case in most good vs. evil films. What motivates these villains? Where did they come from? These are the themes explored in Maleficent that you get to wrap your head around. I won’t ruin the ending but let’s just say not everyone gets a happy ending.

The cast in a word, was amazing. The titular character is portrayed by the enigmatic Angelina Jolie. You might assume that her portrayal in this movie might detract from the experience (in a Nic Cage kind of way). I’m here to tell you that is definitely not the case! At no time was the movie experience broken for me and she did an amazing job. The shear range of emotion she displays as events unfold was astonishing and, at times, heart-breaking. Her performance was haunting and she definitely embodied Maleficent.

Elle Fanning did a great job at what she needed to do. Be young, innocent, and pretty. It’s clear Maleficent is the far more intriguing character and it’s kind of amazing more Disney films don’t have more fleshed out heroes. You could even argue Maleficent IS the protagonist at times in the film.

I can’t go any further without mentioning the costumes. Maleficent would have given even Lady GaGa a run for her money. I don’t think she wore the same costume twice! Looking BAD has never looked so GOOD!


The story starts with Maleficent as a young girl, flying and exploring the moors, the magic kingdom next to the kingdom of Men. She meets a young boy , Stephen, and they grow up together and fall in love. He later leaves and loses touch with her. Classic case of a woman scorned.

In the moors, Maleficent is seen protecting her home from the threat of man. She has not yet taken to outright evil and only seeks to defend the moors.

One day, the King of men sends an envoy to flush out and destroy her once and for all. Among them, is her love, Stephen. It turns out, a trap has been set for our poor hero (villain). Playing on her trust and love, Maleficent is poisoned and unconscious. Upon waking, she finds her wings missing. Her most prominent and powerful feature has been removed. This was a truly heart-wrenching scene to watch. You can feel the betrayal and the hurt that must have crushed the goodness in her.

Through the power of her wings, we learn that Stephen has become King! This only enrages her further and causes her to act. At this point, the events begin to tie-in to Sleeping BeautyMaleficent makes her grand entrance and seeks her revenge. Just like the original movie, the child of the King is cursed, but just like the original, there is a clause as well. The curse can be broken with true love’s first kiss.

Here, events begin to diverge from Sleeping Beauty and an old classic is told anew. The princess Aurora is hiding in the woods. As we learn, however, she has not escaped Maleficent’s notice. It turns out our evil “fairy godmother” and her trusty crow sidekick have been keeping a watchful eye on Aurora. Initially, it appears as if this is solely the act of an investor watching carefully over her investment. It turns out, however, that Maleficent might have a soft spot for Aurora. They begin to develop a relationship, her identity unbeknownst to Aurora. Maleficent shows Aurora the ways of the moors and Aurora begins to appreciate and love this other kingdom. In Aurora, Maleficent sees an opportunity to unite these two kingdoms (as any good entrepreneur would).

Things start to get shaky when the curse on Aurora is forcibly removed to disastrous affect. It turns out, due to careful wording, Maleficent cannot undo what she has done. The day before Aurora’s sixteenth birthday, she meets Prince Phillip and yada yada it’s a Disney movie. But as we all know, Aurora must prick her finger and fall into that deep sleep. Good thing there’s a Prince to give her “true love’s first kiss”. Except it doesn’t work! In her grief, Maleficent pours her heart out, knowing she has caused Aurora this terrible fate. She doesn’t beg forgiveness, knowing the curse she cast an unforgivable act. In this moment of sadness and deep regret, Maleficent places a single kiss on our princess’ forehead. Eureka! An act of true love! It seems Maleficent has some good left in her heart after all.

At the climax of the film, Aurora and Maleficent make a run for the moors. Hot in pursuit, King Stephen and his men begin the witch hunt. In an epic turn of events, Maleficent changes her crow sidekick into a dragon! Aurora finds Maleficent’s wings during the battle and sets them free. They magically reattach and the final battle is won. In an act of mercy, King Stephen is spared. Not one to miss an opportunity, King Stephen attacks again when her guard is down. This act, cannot be forgiven. King Stephen falls to his death.

Aurora is now ruler of Men and also crowed ruler of the Moors uniting the kingdoms. Maleficent lovingly crowns Aurora, and is allowed her redemption. With Aurora on the throne and Maleficent with her wings back, all is right with the world. With order restored, our hero (villain) flies off into the sunset.

Overall, a great movie and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it! If I have one nit pick (and I do),  I wish that the actor they casted as Prince Philip was a bit older. He seemed very young and inexperienced. It wasn’t quite believable that he would be off alone, sent as a diplomat form another kingdom .


Amazing Maleficent shirts now available!


“Wicked Selfie” by Swan Star Design (I wore this design to go watch the movie 🙂 !)


“Three Wise Villains” by Swan Star Design


“Malefico’s” by Gilles Bone


“Green Night” by Absolem Studio

05/30/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/30/14 Top Pick; The Evil Fairy

star Composition – Great play with positive and negative space.

star Color Scheme – Bright poison greens nicely develops the scene giving the space dimension.

starForm – Wonderfully wicked pointed forms and shapes that keep the design dynamic and enthralling.

Thank You Pigboom (has the best profile picture EVER!)

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05/30/14 Top Pick; Bounty Hunter

(Geez, another Boba Fett shirt! He’s becoming the Doctor Who of my blog!)

star Color Scheme – The yellows, reds, and greens work well together. I really enjoy the various color splashes and the white highlighting.

starComposition – The helmet side view at a tilt gives the simple content of the design much-needed visual excitement. The mandalorian logo barely peeks out in the background. Awesome detail!

Thank You InkOne

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05/30/14 Top Pick; Castle Grand Prix

(Mario Kart 8 is out! :D!!!)

star Color Scheme – Wonderful warm color palette . I really enjoy the solid bold color shapes and gradients. The highlighting and shading of this design is wonderful.

star Composition – Well developed foreground, mid-ground, and background. Wonderful transition or fade from the block of the design to the shirt. I really enjoy the small details like the mushroom power-up and ramp in the background.

Thank You Wes Talbot

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05/22/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


05/22/14 Top Pick; Sons Of Mischief

It’s true, some girls love bad boys. Just look at this rendering of Loki. What’s not to love about this mischievous supervillain? Everything about this design is perfect. I’m speechless! This shirt leaves me in awe. I love the color choices. I love the composition. I could almost kiss Loki’s face (sorry Thor!). Medusa, I would love to see your process!

Thank You MedusaTheDollmaker

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05/22/14 Top Pick; Ken & Ryu’s Street Fighting Academy

Hadouken. Shoryuken. Tatsumaki. These are some of the moves you will learn at this Shoto academy! I really enjoy the warm color palette on the navy blue shirt. By substituting the whites for a light cream color it keeps with the same family of colors and the overall design appears warm. The arrows create a nice texture for the circular frame and illustrate the move inputs. The gradation along with the bold light lines convey the motion of the dynamic upward moving fist. All in all, this shirt scores a total KO!

Thank You OdysseyRoc

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05/22/14 Top Pick; The Sleeping Rose

One of my all time favorite Disney movies! Yes, I already bought my ticket to go watch Maleficent on opening weekend!! Wonderful romantic design. Aurora aka Briar Rose, is lovingly placed on a soft pillow as she slumbers. The many delicate folds of her covers are soft and decorated with roses. Her frame is wonderfully detailed. It shows the balance between the evil bright poisonous green enchantment and her good pink blossoming roses. My favorite part is the bright glowing green, pink, and blue spots in the center. They nicely represent her loving Fairy Godmothers Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.

Thank You Nados

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04/30/2014 Top 3 Pick – Daily Shirt Designs


04/30/14 Top 3 Pick; The Toxic Queen

Watch out for this Evil Queen, her pokeballs are just like her apples – toxic! Clever way to simplify the garment of this wonderfully evil villain. Her white-collar and sleeves stand out giving her figure shape. Her high, arched eyebrows and high check bones nicely define this beauty. I enjoy the details on her golden frame background that nicely surrounds her tall crown.

Thank You BCArt&Design

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04/30/14 Top 3 Pick; The Dragon Mistress

If Maleficent were a poketrainer, she’d surely have a dragon-type pokemon! This dragon lady is  beautifully rendered with her lovely fire-breathing companion using simple, solid shapes and colors. I enjoy the simple round golden background which helps this dark figure stand out.

Thank You BCArt&Design

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04/30/14 Top 3 Pick; Toxic Rock

That’s right! We’re 3 for 3 on Pokemon shirts today! Check out these toxic-type trainers! These bright, high contrast colors work great for these toxic trainers. They scream “watch out”! The figures seem to be having lots of fun in this bright and busy, energetic composition. The sketch, not well-defined line quality also amps up the energy.

Thank You miski

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While you’re surfing the Internet today, please swing by Crystals For Life, a charity marathon gamers are running for a good cause! The Toxic Rock design is one of the 6 sponsored designs from The Yetee, where $3 from every design goes straight to JDRF! Please check out this awesome cause!