06/11/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


06/11/14 Top Pick; Mistress of Evil

This dark mistress’ face looks positively angelic! I keep trying to buy this wonder artist’s original pieces but I am always too late! It’s okay. I’ll just keep buying her shirts!

starColor – Wonderful greens and purples on the rich black. I really enjoy the pop of the red-purple collar plumage in contrast to the blue-green of her luminous skin. Her skin highlights sing.

starLines and Forms – Gorgeous, seductive face. Wonderful amount of details to her ornate headdress and jewelry. Interesting Baroque style background. It’s nicely simple so as to not distract from the foreground.

starTexture – Nice shiny gloss texture. Her outfit and head gear looks smooth and shiny like black leather. I really enjoy how her trusty crow hides in the darkness as the highlights reveal its textured feathers.

Thank You Medusa The Dollmaker

Buy This Shirt! Mistress of Evil

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